Most of us have been in a situation where we prefer to view our content on a larger screen, whether it's during a commute or on a temporary desk while trying to complete a project.

Fortunately, portable monitor prices have dropped thanks to Prime Day, so there's no reason to buy one to see if it can fit your workflow on your laptop or Mac, along with your fast-paced gaming sessions on the go. That this.

I found myself in this situation, where I would be on the train to London, for example, playing Sonic Origins on my Nintendo Switch, but wanting to play on a bigger screen. The Arzopa's 15,6-inch display can fix that by connecting it to my Switch via its USB-C and mini-HDMI port with an extra dongle in my bag, and I can see Angel Island Zone in all its 1080p glory.

The best Prime Day deals on the Arzopa 15,6″ portable monitor

It comes with a stand that doubles as a screen cover, so you can tilt it in different ways to suit you wherever you sit. There's also a headphone jack and two USB-C ports so you can use those spare ports on your laptop for other things without a dongle.

It's currently $143.99 in the UK (opens in a new tab) or $132 in the US (opens in a new tab) for Amazon Prime Day. So if you're looking for a portable monitor that does it all, but want to use it with a host of devices for less than usual, this is the one for you.

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