Whatsapp messages may soon disappear as soon as they are read

Whatsapp messages may soon disappear as soon as they are read

WhatsApp continues to work on disappearing messages with its most extreme version yet: Snapchat-style See Once messages.

Now, instead of having to choose between 24 hours and 90 days for a message to disappear forever, these texts will disappear immediately after opening them. Neither can these texts be transmitted to another user or copied to a device. And according to WABetaInfo, who found the next feature, there will be a slightly different icon for these messages: an arrow with a lock. At this point, it's unclear what the update will do to take screenshots of View Once messages. WABetaInfo can't confirm whether or not screenshotting is blocked as the feature is still in beta, but since this is part of WhatsApp owner Meta's efforts to support user privacy, it's likely that be a function.

If all this sounds familiar, it's because WhatsApp added the same feature for photos and videos earlier this year. It's worth noting that you can actually screen capture and save this particular type of View Once media, and on top of that, you won't be notified if the recipient does.

View Once Messages is part of the WhatsApp for Android beta, which you can download through the Google Play beta program. All you have to do is sign up for the program (note that it may take a few hours before you are allowed to download the app). Don't get too attached to the current design, as beta designs are often subject to change.

As for WhatsApp on iOS receiving View Once messages, there's no mention of an App Store beta, but we can't imagine a scenario where iPhone users won't get this feature at any given time.

Beyond basic function

View Once messages fit the current theme of recent WhatApp updates: take a feature and expand it by extending it beyond the basic feature.

For starters, you and thousands of your friends can come together in the new Communities feature (an extension to WhatsApp Groups) that allows users to join various groups around a specific topic, like the college you attended. Plus, it's a helpful way to keep up with current events in your area. Another noteworthy update is the new and improved automated messages feature, now more streamlined as you won't have to open a new chat room.

Meta has come a long way in improving WhatsApp's security and encryption, but it never hurts to double the effort. A few weeks ago, TechRadar updated its best authenticator apps for 2022 so you can add a second layer of protection for your accounts.