Inaccurate maps delay broadband plans for

The US government has yet to allocate the €42 billion set aside to expand broadband coverage due to inaccurate maps.

The broadband plan is part of a larger €1 trillion infrastructure bill signed by President Joe Biden last year.

But no funding can be legally distributed until the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can show that it has more accurate data on coverage of underserved areas that would benefit most from the money.

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The WSJ says the new maps won't be available until November at the earliest. This delay, combined with the need for service providers and citizens to review information, means that it appears funds may not be released until next year, making attempts to bridge the digital divide more difficult.

"We understand the urgency of bringing broadband to everyone quickly," said Alan Davidson, director of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. "We also know we have a chance to pull this off, and we want to make sure we get it right."

It is believed that a third of the country's population does not have access to a broadband quality standard, which means that a significant part of the population is excluded from the economic and social benefits of connectivity.

One of the challenges is that many cities are served by a single cable company, which means a lack of competition that will lower prices and improve service levels. Meanwhile, other households are not covered by the necessary infrastructure.

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