The C-Suite often remains the weakest cybersecurity link in an organization because it focuses too much on the bottom line, often ignoring warnings coming from IT and not paying as much attention to the digital employee experience (DEX).

A new report from IT software company Ivanti that surveyed 10 office, IT and C-suite workers on their level of prioritization and adoption of DEX in organizations found that leaders are significantly exacerbating the cybersecurity problem .

Today's business has a hybrid workforce. Some work full-time remotely, some check in occasionally, while others prefer office life in all its glory. This approach has dramatically expanded the inventory of assets under IT management, leaving security experts struggling.

Priority to user experience

About a third (32%) still use spreadsheets to track these assets, while half (47%) have complete visibility into all devices trying to connect to the network. At the same time, 49% of C-level executives have requested, at least once, to bypass one or more security measures in the last 12 months.

The C-Suite seems to have its priorities backwards, suggests Ivanti. Their number one priority was employee productivity, while workplace culture and employee satisfaction ranked lower on the list. Additionally, nearly two-thirds (62%) of C-Suite leaders admitted that leadership prioritizes profitability over employee experience.

It also drives IT to behave in the same way, according to the report, which indicates that only 21% of IT administrators consider the end-user experience to be their top priority when choosing new tools.

Yet nearly half (49%) of employees are frustrated with the technology and tools available in the workplace, and two-thirds (64%) believe that how they interact with technology has a direct impact in the general morale of the employees.

To that end, a quarter (26%) of employees are considering finding a new job, where technology would be more appropriate.

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