The most notorious bosses from the Elden Ring have made their way to D&D, as one fan has created a set of entire monster stat blocks based on FromSoftware's action RPG.

An Elden Ring fan has turned all six of the game's demigods (a group of particularly powerful bosses) into usable tabletop monsters, with stat blocks reflecting their in-game abilities and attacks. Redditor u/Yrolc95 (opens in a new tab) has created pages for Malenia, Godrick, Radahn, Mohg, Rykard, and Morgott, with their stats, actions, and abilities calculated to use in D&D 5E combat.

Malenia, for example, can use her Waterfowl Dance to leap into the air and perform four slash attacks while dashing forward. Meanwhile, her Draining Attack passive skill allows her to recover HP from melee attacks, while two legendary actions, Quick Charge and Quick Retreat, mimic her agile fighting style.

Rykard's god-eating serpent was also designed to mimic the boss fight from the video games. It has a list of resistances and immunities, is surrounded by a pit of magma, and can swallow players whole. Godrick the Graft is the weakest of the monsters, but he can still attach the head of a full dragon to his severed limbs.

(Image credit: redditu/yrolc95)

D&D stat blocks were even designed to replicate the second stages of Elden Ring bosses. Bring Malenia down to zero HP and you'll unlock two new Mythic Actions: Phantom Spirits, which allow you to spawn four spectral copies of her, and Scarlet Aeonia, which swoops down on opponents before creating a giant exploding flower.

While we can't vouch for the balance of the stat blocks, some of the attack damage seems pretty high to our eyes, they're certainly a loving tribute to what has become one of the most recognizable bosses in all of Elden. Ring. Aside from anything else, it's interesting how u/Yrolc95 distributed his ability scores. Poor Grodrick was only given an Intelligence rating of 10, while Starscourge Radahn was built with 26 Charisma.


Elden Ring has no shortage of fan-made content. Shortly after the game's release, players were making miniature Pot Boys to celebrate the anthropomorphic amphora. And that can't say anything for the Elden Ring mods that have appeared in the past few months.

Other players have taken new approaches to playing the game, with a dedicated fan connecting an actual harp as a controller. However, it worked, as they were able to defeat Margit, Fell Omen simply by plucking the strings of his instrument.

However, D&D conversions may be the most natural. With its sprawling fantasy world and tons of esoteric lore, Eldern Ring is perfectly placed to mingle with classic tabletop RPG. Why settle for defeating Morgott in the video game when you can show him what the theater of the mind is for?

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