The next big game project from Kojima Productions is headed to Xbox. In partnership with Xbox Game Studios, Hideo Kojima's development team aims to create a game that makes heavy use of cloud technology in some way.

Hideo Kojima himself announced the project during a brief appearance at the Bethesda Xbox showcase, essentially confirming that the game is in the early stages of development. Although at the moment it has no name or release date.

However, it appears that a sizable portion of Kojima's fans weren't that thrilled with the announcement. A viral tweet from Jon Cartwright highlighted a petition to "cancel Kojima Xbox exclusive game." And as of this writing, he has amassed over 1,500 signatures and counting since his inception.

The petition's description says that "Kojima is betraying his loyal fans," adding that he was "blinded by greed." However, the text ends on a point with which we can really sympathize:

"Not everyone has enough internet to stream games. Not everyone has enough money to buy a new console or build a new PC."

Does the request make sense?

While it's true that fast internet speeds and having multiple consoles are luxuries not everyone can afford, we can't help but think this request is a bit reactionary.

We know almost nothing about Kojima's next project, apart from the facts currently described. These are the partnership with Xbox Game Studios and their use of cloud-based technologies to deliver a "never before seen concept".

The concept seems at least a bit more ambitious than Death Stranding's simple yet robust online features, which allowed players to build structures and stations to help other players. The game is a console exclusive on PS5 and PS4, and is also available to play on PC, just as we imagine Kojima's new project will be too.

We won't deny that a changing of the guard from PlayStation to Xbox will definitely leave some gamers on the sidelines. But we imagine that the most likely scenario here is that Xbox consoles - and Microsoft's powerful Azure servers - were ultimately better suited to this ambitious project that Kojima Productions is currently working on.

Following the announcement, the official Kojima Productions Twitter account tweeted (opens in a new tab) that the developer still has "a great partnership with PlayStation." Even if Kojima's next project turns out to be an Xbox exclusive, it likely won't end his team's presence on PlayStation platforms.

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