Halo Infinite's ongoing desync issues won't be fixed any time soon, as developer 343 Industries has prioritized more fixes and improvements.

Desync issues have plagued Halo Infinite since its release, leading to issues with enemy players, vehicles, and weapons on maps, and hits sometimes not registering. While not groundbreaking, the network glitch is particularly detrimental to multiplayer melee.

But it doesn't look like there's going to be a desync fix anytime soon. In response to a Reddit post (opens in a new tab) pointing out that melee collisions are still unreliable, Senior Sandbox Designer Brian Berryhill explained in a comment (opens in a new tab) by why players are still experiencing the issue.

"Developers who would be working on these fixes have been assigned to other Infinite jobs," Berryhill said. “His work has had a positive impact on our UCN [networking] solution, especially around engines (players, vehicles, etc.) in object devices (elevators, pistons, bridges, etc.), but not around melee aircraft. body and "around the wall". These developers will return to the Sandbox soon (hopefully).

While a mass desync fix may not be actively being developed, Berryhill went on to say that it is "high on our fix priority."

melee_andor_player_collision_is_still_incredibly from r/halo


Desync has been a sticking point among Halo Infinite fans, who have consistently expressed frustration with the issue since the game launched late last year. A particularly egregious example (opens in a new tab) of the bug made waves on the Halo Infinite subreddit several months ago, prompting Berryhill to acknowledge the issue. At the time, they said that Infinite's networking team was working to fix the issue in their latest internal builds.

This resolution didn't come along as quickly as Berryhill or Infinite players would have liked. For a live service title that sells itself as both a boost to the Halo brand and a throwback to the nostalgic days of competitive multiplayer, one consistent bug is enough to sour players' perception of the game.

As the many replies on Reddit (opens in a new tab) show, gamers aren't thrilled that desync is still coming roughly six months after launch. The idea that this isn't a big enough bug to deserve the developer's current attention has particularly bothered some fans. They can at least wait for Halo Infinite's next co-op mode to take shape.

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