In a world where everything is getting more expensive and many computing components are at all-time highs, good news could be coming to the world of storage.

Cloud storage specialist Backblaze believes that hard drive prices will continue to fall, which could be good news for the casual user.

Notorious for being less responsive than SSDs, HDDs are also larger and therefore not as well suited to the small form factors that customers like. While access to large amounts of storage is important, the best is yet to come.

HDD vs. SSD cost

Backblaze estimates that by 2025, hard drive prices will reach an all-time high of €0,01 per GB, putting the price of a 1TB drive in the region of just €10, and it has plenty of data to back it up. your prediction.

With purchasing records going back to 2009 (when the company was paying around €0,11 per GB), it has purchased more than a quarter of a million hard drives up to 16TB, with plans to update orders for 18TB drives. TB, 20TB, and even 22TB as the price meets Backblaze's expectations.

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You also want to point out that you use PMR/CMR discs instead of SMR discs, which can be even cheaper. The downside to using an SMR drive is that it can be much slower.

Despite the effects of the pandemic, Backblaze's figures show a 56% decline in cost per GB between 2017 and November 2022. A broader look at trends shows significant price drops compared to previous years, and Although the chart appears to be leveling off as we head into the mid-2020s, there still appears to be room for further price reductions.

(Image credit: Backblaze)

Although generally more expensive, Trendfocus analysts estimate that SSD prices could be cut in half by mid-2023 (via Tom's Hardware). Buyers can currently expect to pay around €0,06 to €0,08 per GB, making a 512GB hard drive around €30,72 to €40,96.

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