Additional PS5 DualSense controllers cost as much as games
Sony quietly announced the price of the PS5 DualSense controller after the PS5 launch date and price reveal event, and they gave us the cost of other accessories as well.

Each PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller costs € 69,99 / € 69,99 (approximately € 64). One comes in the PS5 box, sure, but all the extras cost like some of the more expensive PS5 games. That's a price increase - most current Sony PS4 official controllers cost $ 59.99.

The all-digital PS5 console costs € 399.99 / € 359.99 / AU € 599.95. while the PS5 with Sony disk drive is priced at € 499.99 / € 449.99 / AU € 749.95. In the PS5 vs Xbox Series X game, the prices of the Sony and Microsoft consoles with a disc drive are the same, but while the less specified all-digital Xbox Series S costs € 299 / € 249 / AU € 499.

Both PS5 consoles, the DualSense controller, and all new Sony accessories will go on sale Thursday, November 12 (two days after Microsoft's launch) in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. and South Korea. The UK and the rest of the world have to wait a week: Thursday, November 19.

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Price of other PS5 accessories

Sony's Pulse 3D wireless headphones will retail for € 99.99 / € 99.99 (about € 91). Featuring a PS5 color scheme, these on-ear headphones have 3D audio support and a dual noise-canceling microphone, according to Sony.

The PS5 HD camera costs € 59.99 / € 59.99 (about € 46) and gives PlayStation gamers a way to stream to Twitch and other game streaming platforms through dual 1080p lenses.

The official PS5 Media remote control costs € 29,99 / € 29,99 (approximately € 27,32). The PlayStation 5 will be more than a game console for many people, so the PS5 remote will act as a much more natural way to navigate Netflix and the menus of other streaming services.

Finally, the PS4 dual charging station costs € 29.99 / € 29.99 (about € 27.32). It's a cleaner and more convenient way to charge two DualSense wireless controllers, instead of hanging USB-C cables.

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