Apples ARVR plans teased by reference to realityOS in App

To date, Apple has remained tight-lipped about its upcoming AR/VR headset, but leaks continue to surface online, including news about the device using iris scanning to authenticate user identities.

This comes via The Information (opens in a new tab), which says that by scanning their eyes, users will be able to verify payments and log into multiple digital accounts (just like you might use Face ID or Touch ID on a smartphone). iPhone).

Of course, typing a password into a VR headset isn't particularly easy, so it makes sense that technology like this would be implemented. It also means that it will be easy for different people to use the same headphones.

Tracking and Materials

Incidentally, this isn't the first time this particular rumor has surfaced, and it's worth bearing in mind that Apple acquired a company specializing in eye-tracking technology back in 2017.

Additional Item Information: The headset will offer full-body tracking by pointing some of its cameras at your legs, and will be lighter than the recently unveiled Meta Quest Pro, which tips the scales at 722 grams.

Finally, the device is said to be made from a combination of fabric, aluminum and glass, for a high-end feel - exactly what you'd expect from Apple. Most rumors point to a 2023 release for everything Apple is building.

Analysis: what we know so far

Nothing official yet, as you'd expect from Apple, but it now seems very likely that Apple is working on a headset that combines virtual reality and augmented reality in a single device ("mixed reality" is a term some people use). in this case ).

This device is believed to be distinct from the lighter Apple Glasses, which are said to be focused on augmented reality. At this point, it looks like that product is even further away than 2023, though it's hard to know for sure.

We suspect the unit will be powered by an Apple-made chipset, possibly the M2, and have two 8K displays inside. At least a dozen cameras would be installed in the headset to track where you are in a room.

The whole thing is expected to cost $3,000 / £2,685 / AU$4,835 and, as we mentioned, is scheduled to launch in 2023. You can expect the usual abundance of hype in the promotional material Apple is putting together for the headphones.

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