Originally announced earlier this year, home appliance giant Dyson has officially unveiled full specs for the upcoming Dyson Zone, the company's first portable purifier and advanced noise-cancelling headphones.

Seemingly the product of five years of research, the Dyson Zone combines two unique product offerings for the company as its first foray into portable audio and technology. And the specs certainly seem to suggest that the company will start off with a bang.

According to Dyson, the Zone headphones will feature advanced noise cancellation, bolstered by the presence of 11 built-in microphones, 8 of which will monitor outside noise at reported rates of up to 384,000 times per second. There's also the promise of full-spectrum sound capable of reproducing frequencies from 6Hz to 21kHz and dual microphones that enable clear voice pickup for calls or recording. The company also promises that there will be minimal harmonic distortions across the entire frequency range thanks to signal processing done 48.000 times per second. Additionally, the cans will offer up to 50 hours of battery life, depending on usage.

While those impressive specs alone are enough to make the Dyson Zone headphones stand out, the real eye-catcher comes from the Zone portable air purifier that comes with the ride.

In case you don't remember our coverage earlier in the year, the Zone purifier is a removable hood that's supposed to remove contaminants as small as 0.1 microns, bringing Dyson's expertise in airflow to the table for the first time. decades. laptop. With approximately (opens in a new tab) 99% of the world's population living in cities where air pollution levels are above what the World Health Organization considers safe, portable purification solutions could change the world. offers, so that consumers can overlook the peculiar appearance of the Zone. .

The Dyson Zone portable air purifying mask

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Looking very much like an item straight out of a sci-fi movie, the launch price of the Dyson Zone is not yet known, but the headphones are expected to be available to buy in various regions from early 2023, starting with China in January. ahead of its release in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore starting in March. Availability for Australia is not yet confirmed.

Crucially, Dyson hasn't suggested that the Zone would be an adequate defense against the potential spread of Covid-19, though it remains to be seen whether future testing of the wearable's purification capabilities could bear fruit in this area.

Analysis: Dyson's portable purifier could be good, if you don't mind the looks

There's no denying the innovative value of the Dyson Zone, with the headphones' appearance particularly distinctive. How many potential buyers it will have is anyone's guess, but it's eye-catching and a conversation starter, to say the least. In fact, we weren't even sure Dyson would go ahead with full production and bring the Zone to market, but they put us in our shoes.

When we first came across the Dyson Zone at an event in the UK, it seemed like the wearable was being advertised more as a portable purifier than headphones. It sounds like the company is also interested in making sure it sounds good, though - we haven't tested its audio prowess yet, but our curiosity has certainly been piqued.

And while portable air purifiers themselves aren't new, the combination of audio and a purifier is unique, and we're not sure anyone else would want to spare Dyson's engineering resources. Given the increasing frequency of major weather events, such as wildfires and storms that kick up large amounts of soot or dust, it is certainly possible that this technology will fill a need in the consumer market.

One look at the Dyson Zone's impressive performance specs, however, gives an idea of ​​what the headphones might end up costing, and they likely won't come cheap. Are we really ready for a niche set of wireless headphones with a premium price tag attached? Dyson hopes so and has, at the very least, backed up the area with performance specs to make it worth considering.

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