Loopmancer: Let the time loop begin with DLSS and RTX enabled on GeForce NOW

Loopmancer: Let the time loop begin with DLSS and RTX enabled on GeForce NOW

You can officially jump to 2046 and explore the neon cyberpunk cityscape of Dragon City in the newly released Loopmancer, but you might miss out on some of the polish if you're not playing with DLSS and RTX ON.

With NVIDIA GeForce NOW, you can begin your time-loop journey through Dragon City with all the visual splendor and performance boost that RTX and DLSS bring. RTX real-time ray tracing brings realistic reflections and shadows to games, resulting in next-level visuals for settings and characters. Meanwhile, DLSS enables faster and smoother high-resolution images.

These features are available through NVIDIA GeForce NOW when you subscribe to the Priority subscription, and you can take them even further with the RTX 3080 subscription. This tier gives you access to a GeForce RTX 3080 in the cloud so you can game at up to 1440p and 120fps or choose 4K HDR on NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

These powerful visual and performance enhancements can definitely come in handy for a game like Loopmancer. In the game, you play as a private detective tracking down a famous journalist who has disappeared. But it won't be easy and you will probably die. Much.

However, every time you die, you will start the day over again. This gives you the opportunity to learn by trial and error, change your strategy and improve your team. And you will need it, as you will face powerful cybernetically enhanced enemies in mind-blowing battles in Dragon City.

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You'll have access to an arsenal of over 100 weapons, abilities you can launch with prosthetic chips, and various tech items. You can use them in fierce firefights and close combat.

And as you play, you'll have to decide if you're on the right track. While each kill returns you to the beginning, it also gives you the opportunity to take a different path with different outcomes for you and the NPCs in the game.

With NVIDIA GeForce NOW, you can fight your way through the many enemies you will face in your investigation, wherever you are. The cloud gaming platform provides the means to play proper PC games on almost any device you want. You can access and play Loopmancer and over a thousand games from game libraries like Steam and the Epic Games Store on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, SHIELD TV, and even some smart TVs.

Even if you play on a low-power Chromebook, you can access a powerful cloud gaming platform with the RTX 3080 subscription.

While Loopmancer is just the latest game you can enjoy through GeForce NOW, there are many more available and new ones are added every week. To stay up to date on the latest service updates and new games, you can follow the GeForce NOW Thursday blog and follow GeForce NOW on Facebook or Twitter.