Linktree Just Got Content Paywalls Tech Radar

Popular one-page website builder Linktree has released its payment blocking feature in open beta, allowing users to block content behind a paywall and send it to users via email.

The feature, announced on the Linktree blog (opens in a new tab), allows users to create specific links containing documents as PDFs behind a one-time purchase up to a maximum of €150, which is sure to incentivize more creative to migrate to the platform

It's unclear at this time if the upload limit will be removed once the feature leaves beta. And before users get too excited, the feature is not available to those on a free plan and cannot be used to sell adult content.

Link Tree Monetization

It's a step in the right direction for Linktree, which has long courted the business of solo creatives.

However, other eCommerce platforms like Patreon or Gumroad still offer stronger feature sets, such as the ability to host blog posts, entire storefronts, or charge monthly subscription fees or when new content appears.

One notable missing feature that users of platforms like already enjoy, for example, is the ability to make a product available only for a limited time and in limited quantities.

If users want this feature, Linktree currently recommends adding a disclaimer to a paid link stating that it will only be available for a limited time. It is unknown if such functionality will be properly implemented in the future.

The appeal of Linktree is the simplicity of the single page design and the fact that it can be linked to all of the above services and of course anything the user wants.

Their profiles often appear in social media bios as an effective marketing tool and an alternative to bogging down a website with ads. The ability to monetize them directly will make it faster and easier for fans to support their favorite creators.

Linktree users can start adding paid content to their page by linking their Square or PayPal account to the service.

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