You've probably noticed that Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're like me… you're going crazy.

A combination of not wanting to venture outside in the current weather (both from the pandemic and the weather) and just being distracted by a million emails and spreadsheets, I still need to buy gifts for certain key people.

The answer is: gift cards. Wait, wait, wait… now it's different. You can buy a lot of different things that people really care about, and we've looked at what types of gift certificates are great to put in a stocking or inflate the card that comes with the gift.

What we're suggesting here are great options that you can use as a "great gift" or things that will increase the technological life of your gift - if they have a smart TV, give them a Netflix subscription.

Did you finally find a PS5 resupply? A good PlayStation offers you PS Plus options or a new game or service to allow them to do more with what they have.

Best of all, most of the options below include flexibility in how much you want to donate, which is great if you want something small or want to do it all. So, including Netflix, PlayStation, and Audible gift cards, here are the best Christmas gifts to consider this year, but sadly, there's not much we can do about the fact that you can't accept the prize. I have spent more.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max on a coffee table

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Amazon gift card

If you're wondering what the perfect gift would be for that little-known cousin, an Amazon gift card (UK here and Australia here) is an easy option, they can buy just about anything.

You can create a list of options that you think they might like if you want to give them some ideas to get started, but in the end, they'll probably charge for it and forget about it, getting a little surprise when they leave. buy a new set of tea towels and get them for free.

We suggest leaning on various Amazon devices, for example the Fire TV Stick Lite has dropped to just € 19.99 / € 14.99 at the time of writing, the record price for the device at the time of writing. UK and € 2 off the best in the US.

I'd just say buy this from them, it'll probably arrive in time for Christmas depending on your territory, but they might want a 4K device, like the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, so it'll just bore them.

Choose the gift voucher option and you can select the amount you want to spend and Amazon offers you a number of delivery options; You can send it by email, SMS or any other messaging service that you have installed on your phone or tablet.

J'ai eu quelqu'un qui (ennuyeux) a demandé une carte-cadeau Amazon cette année - alors j'en ai reçu une physique pour m'assurer qu'il avait quelque chose à ouvrir, mais vous pouvez également imprimer la vôtre à home.

People who watch a movie with the cinemark logo on their heads.

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Cinemark gift card

This one is aimed at movie lovers living in the United States, and the popular movie offers two decent options for the Cinemark gift card - we spent enough time inside the Tiger King stream, and we still are. And again (when the damn new wave dies) it makes a great gift for a tech lover.

The first is the standard gift card: you can buy it in values ​​of € 25, € 35, € 50, € 65 or € 75, or simply enter your own amount to keep it simple. Then the recipient can spend it on all sorts of things at the movies: tickets, then a hot dog, then expensive candy ... finish.

If you want to do a really cool giveaway, how about helping them rent an entire auditorium with up to 20 friends? For € 99, ​​you can get a private surveillance party from Cinemark to treat someone you love, and you can also buy smaller amounts to help make it happen if € 99 is a bit steep.

PS Plus Package

PlayStation Gift Card

Okay, someone close to you managed to get hold of a shiny new PS5, and while you don't want to buy them a gift in retaliation for their luck, don't be that person.

Almost all of the options on this list would be useful for the owner of a PlayStation, but opting for a PlayStation gift certificate offers many more options.

It will also be extremely useful for owners of the cheaper, discless PS5, but it's still a great gift even if they haven't bought the new box.

You can use a PlayStation gift card for games, a PS Plus membership offering gifts like free monthly games, cloud saves, and the PS Plus collection on PS5, and Sony's answer to Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now. . They can be offered in increments of € 20, € 50 and € 100 (€ 10- € 90).

google play store icon

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Google Play gift card

Google Play gift card

Spend in the Google store

Delivery: Instant or by mail

Today's best deals on € 10 Google Play gift cards

Works across your entire digital product line

Wide range of applications to choose from

It also works on books.

Redemption is a bit limited

A Google Play gift card is a great option for an Android friend or family member. You can use your Google Play balance to buy books, movies, or music from the Google Play Store or if you've had a look at one of the best Android apps but have been hesitant to shell out cash, a card - the Google Play giveaway could be Your answer.

But not only Android users can benefit from it, as you can use your Google purchases on an iPhone or smart TV if it is compatible with the application; however, you can't easily redeem your card compared to an Android device, which is practically one in two people on the streets these days.

Vous pouvez vous procurer un carte-cadeau Google Play dans les magasins physiques ou les détaillants en ligne (le Royaume-Uni est ici) et, comme pour la plupart des autres cartes-cadeaux de cette liste, vous aurez le choix du montant exact que you wish. spend.

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Netflix gift card

Netflix gift card

Offer a subscription to the largest streaming service

Delivery: Instant or by mail

Wide range of originals

Available on many devices

Highest price for 4K video

It seems like everyone has a Netflix subscription these days or at least has access to some kind of entertainment streaming service.

But if you know someone who misses out on watching Squid Game (warn them first), The Queen's Gambit, or another of the best Netflix shows, then a Netflix gift card is a good way to help them out with the monthly cost and deal with it. to great TV shows and movies.

You can choose to buy online or in store and both options have the option of choosing an amount that you are comfortable with. Once the code is redeemed, the amount will appear in this account as a balance to be used for future subscription renewals.

If you choose to shop online, you will be asked for the recipient's email address, but don't worry about spoiling any surprises, you can choose when the email is sent.

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Sound subscription

Sound subscription

Give away audiobooks

Delivery: Instant or by mail

A variety of packages available

Exclusive podcasts

Wide variety of audiobooks

In today's busy world, you don't always have the time, or the inclination, to snuggle up to your favorite book after a hard day at work, which is why an Audible gift card is a solid choice for the avid reader in your life. .

There is an extensive library of audiobooks to choose from in every genre imaginable. And the beauty of Audible is that you get a monthly subscription book and have the freedom to listen to it on the way to work or on the go.

Audible works a little differently than the other gift options on this list. You can choose to offer an Audible subscription (here is the link for the UK) with a duration of 1 month to 12 months or, if the intended recipient already has an active subscription, you can choose to offer one or more specific books in your place. .

Spotify subscriptions are getting more and more expensive

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Spotify gift card

Spotify gift card

Save on music subscription service

Delivery: Instant or by mail

Massive music library

Great playlist functionality

You can also listen offline

For the music lovers in your family, the Spotify Premium gift is a solid choice. While Spotify's free tier is adequate, true music fans will appreciate the features Premium offers, such as ad-free and uninterrupted listening, as well as the ability to download and play songs and playlists.

You can choose from predetermined amounts (€ 10, € 30, € 60 / € 10, € 30, € 60) that generally earn you one, three, and six months of premium membership, respectively.

As with any gift card purchased through Paypal, you will need the recipient's email address, but you will be able to choose the date the email is sent. And if Paypal is not an option for you, there should be no problem getting a gift card from any of the major retailers you are at. It is very popular.

Nintendo eShop Gift Card

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If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves the freedom that portable gaming offers, you can't go wrong with a Nintendo eShop gift card.

The recipient will be able to choose from a growing library of game titles to enjoy on their Nintendo Switch. And the good news is that you can also use the card on older Nintendo consoles, like the 3DS or even the Wii U.

There are a number of preselected values ​​to choose from, ranging from € 10 to € 50 (€ 15 to € 50 in the UK). These can be purchased digitally or through local retailers.

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