Samsung Galaxy S23 dummy units show what flagship phones look like

Samsung Galaxy S23 dummy units show what flagship phones look like

As the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 23 series draws closer and closer, the leaks keep coming – and the latest teaser of these flagship phones comes in the form of images of dummy units of the devices that have been leaked. online.

Posted in Slash Leaks - Opens in a new tab (via SamMobile - Opens in a new tab) ), Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus images give us an idea of ​​the dimensions of the phones and what they look like the cameras in the back. These dummy units will have been built to match schematics leaked by Samsung or sent to case manufacturers, for example.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra isn't here and is expected to look a little different to the other two models in the range; From what we've heard so far, it looks like the phone will be a lot like the Samsung. Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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An aesthetic point to note here is that the camera lenses protrude slightly from the rear casing, rather than being flush with it. This suggests that the standard S23 model and S23 Plus will look more like the Ultra edition this year.

Otherwise, there aren't too many surprises in the images, and sadly, there's no image included in the set where you can compare the sizes of the two phones against each other. The Samsung Galaxy S23 is expected to have a 6,1-inch display, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus will use a 6,6-inch display.

These are the same dimensions we've seen with this year's phones, so it seems Samsung is sticking to a formula it knows well. Everything indicates that these terminals will be released in a big way in February 2023.

Analysis: more or less the same

As for the looks of the Galaxy S23 phones, this is the latest leak that suggests that not much will change from the Samsung Galaxy S22 when it comes to the dimensions and aesthetics of these premium Samsung smartphones.

Like almost every other manufacturer in the smartphone industry, Samsung seems stuck when it comes to design, although to look at it from another perspective, there's arguably no reason to change what many consider to be a sleek and stylish design. .

The Google Pixel 7 and its immediate predecessors shook up the phone's design a bit with the large, protruding camera bar. Meanwhile, Apple introduced Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, though it's more of a software change.

At least for now, it doesn't look like Samsung is embracing any of these innovations. When the Samsung Galaxy S23 phones are introduced, we may have a hard time distinguishing them from their Galaxy S22 predecessors.