AMD's next-gen graphics cards may not launch until November, with Zen 4 processors debuting just before RDNA 3 GPUs.

This rumor comes from one of Twitter's hardware leakers with a better track record, Greymon55, but of course we should use a handful of salt here, and remember that while that's AMD's plan right now, that could change. .

(*3*)Launch: end of October, no later than mid-November😉June 14, 2022

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As you can see, the supposed release date for what the RX 7000 GPUs should be is late October, or possibly mid-November, and at the latest (well, it couldn't be much later as RDNA 3 cards are scheduled for this year, and by then there is not much left of 2022).

It should be noted that Greymon seems confident enough in this prediction, adding in another tweet that it is "new and very reliable information."

The leaker also responds to clarify that the Ryzen 7000 processors will be released shortly before RDNA 3, possibly in late September or early October. Again, let's be careful not to give this statement too much weight, but this isn't the first time we've heard of a September date tied to the release of the Zen 4 chips.

Analysis: Nvidia will beat AMD for next-gen GPU bump, and somehow?

Previously, AMD was rumored to release the RDNA 3 graphics card in Q2022, but the only promise Team Red has made is that these next-gen GPUs will be available before the end of XNUMX.

There was a suggestion from a leak that the mid-range RX 7000 models, built on the Navi 33 GPU, could sneak in before the start of Q3, but this new rumor is certainly pouring cold water on that idea. It seems increasingly clear that we are now looking at the fourth quarter and indeed it is proof that we will be lucky to see the first RDNA XNUMX product in October, actually, because the prediction of the "end" of October makes this month seem a bit more hesitant.

The problem for AMD is that Nvidia would probably launch its RTX 4000 series in September, although we've heard some dates floating around (even August, in fact, for what is supposed to be the first Lovelace GPU, and that's the RTX 4090).

Generally speaking, AMD seems to be a few months behind Nvidia with RDNA 3 graphics cards, which would give Team Green a great opportunity to establish themselves in the market with next-gen products. This is not an ideal situation for AMD, especially since if the latest rumor is true, by November Nvidia will have released its RTX 4070, alongside the RTX 4090 and 4080 (supposedly expected in September and October respectively).

While we don't know which card AMD will produce first from its RX 7000 platform, interestingly enough, rumors previously pointed to Navi 33 making its debut first, as VideoCardz (opens in a new tab) now seems to think so - Greymon doesn't. I was not drawn to the comments (while the leaker answered other questions in this tweet). This seems to indicate that while he's confident in the overall release schedule, Greymon isn't so sure which graphics card AMD might launch initially.

AMD may feel the need to make a big impact with the flagship at initial launch, running an entirely new multi-chip design, as recently confirmed, or the best (or, indeed, only viable) strategy may be to get a more affordable, mid-range Navi 33 model launched first.

Or, alternatively, we could see multiple RDNA 3 GPUs arriving simultaneously, but if Nvidia already has its three main Lovelace graphics cards, released in staggered fashion over the previous two months, for AMD's launch, that's fine, which gives Team Green a good advantage. as we mentioned before.

Unless Nvidia chooses to use the extra time to pause the release of RTX 4000 GPUs for another month, starting with the RTX 4090 in October instead of September, to sell existing RTX 3000 stock, which is another leaked possibility. vineyards recently. The rumors around this sound like a nest of possibilities, of course, but somehow the prevailing sentiment is that Nvidia seems to have an advantage in terms of having the luxury of time, and perhaps the best way to use it. .

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