Sony released its new PS Plus gift cards to retailers, but managed to speed up the work.

In the run-up to its revamped PS Plus service, Sony appeared to be pulling its PS Now and PS Plus gift cards from stores. With the rush to grab cards and rack them up for discounted subscriptions, the decision to pull them off retail shelves made sense.

Now that the revised PS Plus has been released, gift cards are showing up in online stores. But Sony either did a really shoddy job or didn't give retailers the proper information because it's confusing. God help any unhappy parent who ventures into uncharted gaming territory to purchase one.

(Photo credit: Sony)

Spotted by Push Square (opens in a new tab), the new cards appear to be a mix of direct PS Store credit, explicit PS Plus membership gift cards, and PS Store gift cards that are clearly aimed at premium levels. additional memberships that have no mention of PS Plus anywhere in them.

If you go to Amazon UK (opens in a new tab), you can see the listings and how confusing they are. You have your PS Store gift cards in the usual denominations, so €10, €15, €30, etc. The usual price.

Then there's a trio of handily labeled cards for a one-, three-, and 12-month PS Plus Essential membership. So far, so reasonable. Scrolling down, you'll find an €84 PS Store gift card with a random price. Little strange. But that's the UK price for a mid-tier 12-month PS Plus Extra subscription ($99.99 / £83.99 / AU$133.70).

There's also a €32 gift card listed that covers the €31,99 (€39,99 / AU$53,50) quarterly cost of same-tier membership.

ShopTo (Opens in a new tab) seems to have the same issue with their listings, and the official Sony website (Opens in a new tab) is no help. It only tells you that gift cards are available to purchase, but the rest is up to you. Do you want retail links? Forget. It's shopping hard. Git gud or go.

Hopefully the lists will be updated, until then check out our PS Plus guide, linked at the top of the page. We have the pricing options for PS Plus Essential, Extra and Premium with information on each. You should be able to match gift cards to the membership you are looking for. Good luck!

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