The cameras of industrial refrigeration They are a solution for the storage of food and products that require refrigeration to extend their conservation time, keeping their organoleptic properties intact.

Industrial refrigeration plays a leading role in the food industry, since, by maintaining an appropriate cold chain, both the raw material and the final food product remain fresh.

Currently the manufacturers of industrial cold room are focused on the development of refrigeration solutions with equipment that includes state-of-the-art technology, cow stands out for offering a wide range of products that include:

  • Positive temperature chambers
  • negative temperature chambers
  • Refrigerators with thermoregulators
  • Humidity control systems
  • Food preservation and maturation applications
  • Cooling installations with natural gases

The functional characteristics of the equipment are highly efficient and sustainable with the environment, the models of the new refrigeration chambers are compact, productive, and integrate temperature control to reduce cooling times.

A relevant point to mention is that the products cow maintain a reduced energy cost, where the use of a digital integration platform offers the client remote access to the system of industrial refrigeration.

Food safety depends on industrial refrigeration for the preservation of foods that require refrigeration, cold rooms play a key role in maintaining adequate thermal conditions for food consumption.

The catalog of refrigeration chambers of cow It is extensive and includes equipment made up of display cold rooms, bottle racks, refrigerators, refrigeration plants, warehouses and small work rooms.

For this 2022, a technology based on AI is included in the manufacture of cold rooms, highlighting the high-efficiency compact models with the use of natural refrigerant, which have the characteristic of adaptability to work in large spaces or outdoors.

Within its components it is important to highlight the use of thermoregulator which gives the cold chamber the ability to regulate the temperature according to the product that is stored in it automatically.

Likewise, the use of CO2 as a refrigerant natural gas must be limited to maintain the optimal temperature of food, in addition to granting the following benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly coolant
  • It is not toxic or corrosive
  • It's economic
  • It is efficient, it has high thermal conductivity
  • High cooling capacity
  • Promotes the use of compact compressors
  • High vapor density
  • high heat transfer
  • Contributes to energy saving

The new trends in refrigeration chambers integrate innovative features, made up of natural refrigerants, digital control and a compact design, key functional characteristics for the manufacture of high-efficiency equipment.

The cold room manufacturing company cow stands out for offering quality and high-efficiency products at an affordable price, both for commercial refrigeration and for industrial refrigeration.

You can find the latest in technological innovation refrigeration products at Cow, a leading company in industrial refrigeration with a wide catalog of refrigeration chambers with key functions to preserve food.


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