Snowflake has released a new workload for its data cloud platform, called Unistore, which it says will herald "the future of app development."

Announced at the company's Snowflake Summit 2022 event in Las Vegas, the Unistore workload is designed to unlock new application development opportunities through the fusion of transactional and analytical data types.

Unistore will join the portfolio along with Snowflake's data lake and data warehouse offerings, extending the platform to cover transactional use cases such as application state and data serving.

break down the silos

Historically, transactional data (related to day-to-day business operations) and analytical data (used to drive strategy and decision-making) have been housed in separate systems, creating something of a development bottleneck.

However, the ability to simultaneously execute transactional and analytical queries from the same database (known as hybrid transactional-analytical processing, or HTAP) with services like Unistore will help address these challenges, allowing organizations to react to opportunities for emerging businesses in real time. weather.

As the analyst firm Gartner summarized, the benefits of such a system are multiple, eliminating the need to move data between operational databases and data warehouses, ensuring that transactional data is readily available for analysis from the outset and reducing the need for multiple copies. of the same data.

Along with the release of the Unistore workload, Snowflake also announced a private preview of Hybrid Tables, a new type of table designed to help customers perform rapid analysis of transactional data.

One company that got early access to the new dashboard type is Adobe, which played with hybrid dashboards to support Adobe Campaign, its cross-channel marketing service.

"Running Adobe Campaign on Snowflake has enabled us to deliver unmatched speed and scalability to our customers, who can now leverage our best-in-class cross-channel campaign management functionality with unparalleled performance," said Nick Hall, who leads Adobe Campaign.

The creative software company says that the new Unistore workload facilitated a 50x improvement in delivery readiness time during initial testing, with potential for further gains in the future.

"Unistore is the foundation for a new wave of innovation in Snowflake Data Cloud," added Christian Kleinerman, senior vice president of products at Snowflake. “Just as we have redefined data lakes and data warehouses for our customers, Unistore is ushering in a renaissance in building and deploying a new generation of data cloud applications.”

Disclaimer: Our flights and accommodations for Snowflake Summit 2022 were funded by Snowflake, but the organization had no editorial control over the content of this article.

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