Leaks reveal One UI 5 software that could appear on the Samsung Galaxy S23

Leaks reveal One UI 5 software that could appear on the Samsung Galaxy S23 (*two*)

With Android 13 currently in developer testing, phone makers that rely on Google's mobile operating system will be busy working on their own variants, and we've just taken a look at what Samsung is planning with the release of OneUI 5.

The team at 9to5Google (opens in a new tab) has been given access to a first version of the software, which may well be released to the general public before the end of the year, and should appear on new Samsung phones throughout the year. during 2023.

These new Samsung phones will of course include the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which is expected to see the light of day in January. We've heard various rumors about the specifications of the Galaxy S23, and now we have a software preview too.

One user interface to rule them all

Among the changes coming to One UI 5 are a modified notification design (with some changes to aesthetics and opacity), the ability to capture text in images and copy it directly to newspapers, and new multitasking gestures.

While there aren't any big differences between One UI 5 and the software releases that came before it, there's still plenty of time for Samsung to add and remove features before the mobile OS is accessible to everyone.

The final version of One UI 4 was released in November of last year, so you can expect a similar timeline this time, which would mean that the new software is ready for the phones that Samsung plans to release next year.

Review: Making Android stand out

There is always a lot of talk about rear camera modules, processor speed, and screen size when it comes to new smartphones, but we must not forget the importance of the software that runs on these devices as well.

Every manufacturer with an Android phone or five in its product line thinks it can create the best version of Google's mobile operating system, though for some phone makers that means playing with the original code as little as possible.

The likes of Samsung and Xiaomi have been hard at work making their versions of Android stand out. Meanwhile, Google has added some unique changes to the version of Android it launches on its Pixel phones, including a lock screen widget that identifies songs playing around you without requiring additional interaction.

When the Galaxy S23 arrives, Samsung will also want to be able to point to some key software updates, and that's about it, though One UI 5 will roll out to older Samsung phones too, over time.