Thanks to certifying agencies like TENAA in China, we often know quasi-official details about phones long before they're released, and that's the case now with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Spotted by MyFixGuide (Opens in a new tab), a TENAA (Opens in a new tab) listing, which should be based on the official information provided by Samsung, reveals the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra almost completely.

These include a 6,8-inch 1440 x 3088 display, a choice of 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB of storage, 8GB or 12GB of RAM, and a 4855mAh battery; that's the minimum capacity, and the phone is likely to be announced with a typical 5000 mAh capacity.

The chipset is not named but is listed clocked at up to 3,36GHz, which is consistent with the overclocked version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 rumored for the Galaxy S23 lineup.

(Image credit: TENAA)

As for the cameras, they apparently include a 108MP, two 12MP and one 2MP on the back, along with another 12MP on the front. One of the rear cameras (probably a 12MP one) would offer 10x optical zoom, as expected. But this camera setup as a whole doesn't sound good.

It seems highly unlikely that Samsung would put a 2MP camera in a high-end smartphone, so maybe it's a typo and it should be 200MP, especially since such a sensor was the subject of inclusion rumors.

But then we wouldn't think there would be a 108MP camera as well. The front camera would also be a significant downgrade in terms of megapixels if it's 12 MP, as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 40 MP selfie snapper.

So we'd take these camera specs with a heavy dose of salt, and while the rest of the specs listed seem believable, it also casts doubt on them, despite the reputable nature of the source.

In any case, the list also mentions dimensions of 163,4 x 78,1 x 8,9 mm, a weight of 233 g and of course 5G support. Given that the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup is likely to land in early 2023, we'll be testing the accuracy of these leaks soon enough.

Analysis: How it compares to the Galaxy S22 Ultra

If these specs are accurate, it's likely that a lot of things are similar about this phone to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The screen size and resolution are the same, the dimensions and weight are very similar (suggesting that the design will be similar too), and the typical battery capacity is likely to be the same. Storage and RAM amounts are similar too, though you can get the S22 Ultra with 128GB of storage, which isn't included here.

The main differences are the chipset and the cameras. For the former, it's a typical and expected upgrade, but one that should mean the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is significantly more powerful than its predecessor.

For the latter, well, as stated above, we're deeply skeptical of the camera specs, but for reference, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 108MP main sensor, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP telephoto. (providing 3x optical zoom) and 10 MP telephoto lens with 10x optical zoom.

We're expecting the same types of lenses and zoom levels on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but the megapixels on some may have changed, including a 200MP main sensor, which is an upgrade that could help the Galaxy S23 Ultra secure a spot. . among the best camera phones.

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