One of our favorite VPN services right now, ProtonVPN has responded to growing user demand by making WireGuard configuration files available to everyone.

The WireGuard protocol was already available for its Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS applications. Now users connecting through other systems can also benefit from this light encryption. All they need to do is download the configuration files directly from the provider's website.

"This is a feature that Proton fans and users have been asking for on social media and we made a concerted effort to give them what they wanted," the vendor told us.

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All ProtonVPN users can now enjoy the benefits of WireGuard

As the results of our latest VPN reviews show, ProtonVPN is a great service that just keeps getting better. And now, the provider has decided to meet the growing needs of its users by making WireGuard configuration files available for everyone to download directly from its website.

The lightweight protocol is already integrated with your regular clients. But now customers who want to run ProtonVPN on other devices can configure WireGuard manually.

As ProtonVPN explained to us, “Users with routers or Linux were previously unable to enable the WireGuard protocol. Our new configuration files solve this problem and give them access to WireGuard, with all its benefits, including speed and instant connectivity.

Due to popular demand from our community, we are pleased to announce that the WireGuard configuration files are now available for download on the ProtonVPN website. April 11, 2022

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Here's how to download the WireGuard configuration files:

  • Login to your ProtonVPN account on the login page.
  • Go to the Downloads option and press WireGuard configuration.
  • Rename configuration you are about to create.
  • Then select your choice Platform, VPN options y server. It is worth mentioning that if you have a free account, you will only be able to choose the VPN Accelerator option.
  • Click on Create
  • (Image credit: ProtonVPN)

    At this point, you are ready to upload your WireGuard configuration file. Click on Download to save it to your device.

    Since configuration files expire after one year, you can select the Expand to extend its validity for one year before starting the download process.

    Your file is now ready to use to configure any WireGuard client that supports the open source protocol standard for use with ProtonVPN. You can refer to the provider's tutorial to help you do this.

    Using WireGuard has several advantages

    A relatively new entry in the realm of VPN protocols, first released in 2019, WireGuard has revolutionized the market with its lightweight and open source code. This has brought several benefits to its users.

    The more optimized design allows faster and better connection performance unlike other encryption protocols like the popular OpenVPN. It can even translate to longer battery life for your device.

    Being open source means that all software code is available online on GiftHub for anyone to examine and possibly fix vulnerabilities. This really strengthens the security of your VPN connections.

    Specifically for ProtonVPN, just connecting with the WireGuard protocol allows users to enjoy some advanced features. These include DNS leak protection, kill switch, and their new permanent kill switch option. For those using a Windows-based device, this means you can even enhance your VPN torrenting and gaming experience with the port forwarding feature.

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