An updated release window has been spotted for Starfield, the upcoming and recently delayed sci-fi RPG from Bethesda, on Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield is "expected in early 2023," according to the fine print at the bottom of the Xbox Game Pass subscription plan page. The expected post window was spotted by a Reddit user, who took a photo (opens in a new tab) of their screen before posting it to the Starfield subreddit.

Early 2023 is a tighter release window than previously shared. When developer Bethesda announced the Starfield delay earlier this year, it said it expected the game to release in the "first half of 2023," with Arkane's upcoming vampiric co-op shooter Redfall.

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Although still vague, the beginning of 2023 suggests that the RPG will be released as soon as possible and could arrive as soon as the first quarter of next year: January, February or March. Work by other internet sleuths has also suggested that March 2023 will be the month that Starfield finally lands.

The game has certainly been a long time coming. Bethesda first teased Starfield in a trailer (opens in a new tab) back in 2018, before showing off the game in a standalone E3 presentation (opens in a new tab) in 2021. Its release date The initial of November 11, 2022 was set years ago. but with no games released during that time, it's no wonder the game has been pushed back to next year.

However, we are likely to get a good look at the game soon. The Xbox and Bethesda presentation will air on June 12 and we look forward to seeing some gameplay footage of the highly anticipated space RPG.

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