Adobe has introduced a number of updates and features to Premiere Pro designed to speed up the work of video editors and social media creators.

Video editing software now features optimized workspaces, proxy improvements, new gradient effects, and better encoding on Apple M1 devices.

Available from the maintenant for Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, the June 2022 version of Premiere Pro (ouvre dans un nouvel onglet) is focused on the creation of efficient work plus fluxes, tout en ajoutant des outils et une prize en charge améliorant the performances.

Adobe Premiere Pro updates

The latest update sees the introduction of the Essentials and Vertical Video workspaces. Optimized to create more efficient workflows, these spaces offer simplified interfaces and access to key features. This will eliminate the need for users to switch between workspaces to find the tools they need.

The Essentials workspace, a general editing space designed for use on single-screen and video-editing laptops, arranges panels from left to right and features a large timeline at the bottom of the screen.

The new Vertical Video workspace offers a similar experience, designed specifically for social creators working in the 9:16 aspect ratio.

There have also been some improvements to the proxy workflow experience. Proxies (small, lower resolution video clips used as stand-ins for the source raw footage) can now be identified with the new Proxy badges. Users can even record proxy watermarks to make sure they don't leak from the network.

Adobe also announced that "proxy files now default to the ProRes format, which is a better format to use when working with proxies."

As for graphics, users can now add linear and radial gradients to strokes and shadows, a popular technique in Japanese and Korean videos. The video editor now contains more GPU-accelerated effects, including Magnify and Wave Warp, with Adobe promising better performance, better playback, and better rendering thanks to GPU-driven rendering.

Elsewhere, Premiere Pro received RED V-Raptor camera support and improved H264/HEVC encoding on Apple M1 machines. With the latest version, Adobe states that "the bitrate of H264/HEVC encoded files on Apple M1 systems is now as good as the bitrate of encoded files on Intel Mac systems."

Premiere Pro June updates are now available.

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