Sonos and IKEA have announced a new familiar hybrid of speaker and furniture as part of their ongoing collaboration with Symfonisk: the Floor Lamp speaker.

Following on from the association's two lamp speakers, the Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker and the Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker (Gen 2), the new floor lamp speaker will allow you to bring light and sound to a greater variety of spaces. from your home.

Based on images Sonos shared, the Symfonisk Floor Lamp speaker appears to use the same speaker base as the second-generation Table Lamp, which is mounted on three metal legs attached to a circular plate.

Additionally, the table lamp's glass and fabric shades have been replaced with a new bamboo basket design; Personally, we're not the biggest fans of it, but the press release we received indicates that users can swap it out for one of the other shades in the range if they prefer.

If you have other Sonos or Symfonisk speakers, you can easily integrate this model into your existing setup via the Sonos app, and if you grab two floor lamp speakers, you can pair them together to create a more immersive soundstage with the Stereo Pair feature. .

Since this speaker is very similar to the table lamp (Gen 2), we asked an IKEA representative if these speakers can form a stereo pair or if this audio effect can only be achieved with two speakers, a floor lamp or two table lamps. Speakers.

We're also waiting to hear how much the Symfonisk Floor Lamp speaker will cost - we're expecting around $200 / £180 / AU$300 or more depending on earlier models in the range. We know that it will launch in all IKEA markets in January 2023.

The Symfonisk Floor Lamp speaker from Sonos and IKEA

You can pair two Symfonisk Floor Lamp speakers together to create an immersive soundstage (Image credit: Sonos/IKEA)

Analysis: IKEA makes great speakers! ?

IKEA and Sonos's Symfonisk range is certainly one of the strangest collaborations, but the unlikely duo have generally succeeded in their vision. Not everyone has space for dedicated speakers in their home, while others don't want to ruin their decor with them; These combined furniture and audio creations open up new opportunities by allowing users to kill two birds with one stone, or one speaker.

The table lamp and bookshelf speakers are perfect for those with more limited space, while the picture frame and this new floor lamp speaker are both functional and stylish.

Beyond the practical uses, we've been very impressed with the Symfonisk range so far in terms of audio. The second-generation Table Lamp delivered solid highs and midrange sounds (although the bass was lacking a bit), while the Symfonisk Picture Frame delivered clear, exciting sound that would put many rivals to shame: the devices earned a four-star rating and four and a half star rating respectively. Hopefully the new Floor Lamp speaker can work too.

We think dedicated Sonos speakers like the Sonos One sound better overall, but if you're not keen on picking up a more typical speaker, the Symfonisk range might be just what you're looking for.

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