(*4*)Activision Blizzard may not be a part of Microsoft yet, but that hasn't stopped them from jumping over to Microsoft Xbox and Bethesda Showcase to deliver some great gameplay footage of Diablo 4 in action.

(*4*)Blizzard took the opportunity to introduce the fifth and final class for Diablo 4: the necromancer. This commander will be able to summon skeletons and other demons to join him in his fight against Lilith's horde of demons.

(*4*)You can see the necromancer in action in this bloody trailer:

(*4*)While it was nice to see the reveal of the necromancer, it was also great to get a more detailed look at the biggest changes coming to Diablo 4. the action.

(*4*)Diablo 4 doesn't have a linear story campaign this time. Instead, it's a completely open world that you can explore at your own pace, dotted with nearly 150 dungeons to conquer. There are also enemy strongholds to eradicate. Every time you destroy a fortress, you will be rewarded with a new permanent human settlement or dungeon to explore. In this way, you will slowly transform the world for your own purposes.

(*4*)Blizzard also took the opportunity to further showcase their shared world in action, where players can team up to take down massive bosses and also engage in PvP. However, as soon as you get involved in PvP, you expose yourself to being attacked by other players. However, if you are good enough and continue to take out other human players, all the players in your shared world will spotlight you. If they can take you out, they will be rewarded with a loot reward.

(*4*)Watch the gameplay video to see it all in action:

(*4*)Another cool feature is all the cross-play and co-op opportunities. Also play with friends in couch co-op. I can't wait for this damn ARPG.

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