WordPress website owners could soon benefit from a whole new range of hosting tools following a major acquisition by Elementor.

After launching its Elementor Cloud website solution in early 2022, the WordPress website builder provider has now acquired Jamstack and static hosting solution Strattic.

The pair plan to bring the technology back to expand web hosting capabilities and focus on producing solutions to the challenges faced by WordPress users. Although the terms of the deal were not officially disclosed, Elementor revealed to TechRadar that the acquisition has been in the works for two years.

Yoni Luksenberg, CEO of Elementor and Miriam Schwab, CEO of Strattic (Image credit: Elementor)

Headless WordPress Solutions

The acquisition follows the recent launch of the Elementor cloud offering, which included a drag-and-drop builder and WordPress hosting in one unified service.

"Strattic's technology, reputation, talent, and established market position as the static hosting technology leader in the WordPress space will allow us to bring the benefits of static hosting to our entire user base, while also providing a high-performance hosting platform, "Large-Scale Websites - All in One Offering. This acquisition means that our creators' websites will always scale with traffic and operate under load, with no need to provision servers before a major campaign," said Yoni Luksenberg, CEO of Elementor.

Luksenberg also told TechRadar Pro that Strattic will operate as a unit within Elementor when the companies merge their resources.

Strattic's hosting approach turns WordPress sites into a static, headerless Jamstack consisting of HTML, CSS, and JS files, delivered via a global CDN.

“We are excited to join the Elementor family, where we can continue to solve the biggest challenges WordPress users face, while helping support WordPress' continued position as the CMS of choice for years to come. As the world's leading website builder for WordPress, there couldn't be a better partner than Elementor,” added Miriam Schwab, CEO of Strattic.

Schwab co-founded Strattic four years ago with the goal of helping WordPress users get the most out of WordPress, however once the acquisition is complete his role will become Head of Strattic.

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