The latest update to Meta Quest 2 (previously Oculus Quest 2) has arrived and adds even more parental control settings so you can protect younger users of your VR headset online.

The v41 June update (opens in a new tab) introduced several new parenting features, such as blocking specific apps, introducing purchase controls and notifications, and the ability for an account parent to view the friends list of your child's Oculus. Now, the latest v42 update (Opens in a new tab) further expands these settings to improve controls for social features.

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This includes limiting a child's account's ability to join groups, chat on Quest using Messenger in VR, and even use sharing to send Facebook posts. On top of that, your Quest 2 will now give kids a birthday message as they get older, alerting them to previously age-restricted activities that have been automatically unlocked now that they're older.

These features will likely appeal to many parents who want their kids to experience VR, but don't want them to go wild without supervision. Especially as multiplayer experiences like Wands Alliances and Horizon Worlds become more widespread on the platform, these kinds of features will be essential in keeping young users safe.

If you're looking for other ways to control what your kids are playing in VR, another option is to stream your Quest 2 headset to a TV. This means you can easily see what your child is doing in VR, not only allowing you to make sure they're not playing something inappropriate for their age, but also allowing you to better interact with their activity and even give them a hand. . if they get stuck helping them guide them without having to put on the helmet.

Reach your fitness goals

Beyond parental controls, the Oculus Move is getting another update following the improved Apple Health integration it saw a short time ago. The v42 update now allows for new movement achievements. A new tab in the Oculus Move app in VR will track life stages, like total calories burned or the number of days you hit your daily goals.


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For more accurate tracking of your stats, the Move Trends feature will give you a better breakdown of your stats, allowing you to view your weekly stats and compare them to your past performance.

The v42 update should have been rolled out automatically for most Quest 2 users by now, so you can start reaching your VR fitness goals right away.

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