The Nintendo Switch Online app, the official mobile companion app for the Switch multiplayer subscription service, has received a massive overhaul.

In addition to introducing a completely revamped design, the 2.0 update makes it much easier for Switch users to add friends. Whereas previously players had to manually copy a 12-digit code each time they wanted to add someone to their friends list, now you can copy the ID with a single click in the app.

This makes the whole process a lot less tedious and it's well worth downloading the largely redundant Nintendo Switch Online app.

Additionally, the app now allows you to set your online status and see which of your friends are online without having to pick up your console. According to the patch notes on the iOS App Store, many other changes have been implemented as well.

The update follows the launch of Nintendo's new Quests and Rewards system, which allows players to earn My Nintendo Platinum Points by completing simple weekly and monthly challenges. We found this to be an easy way to rack up points to spend on gifts.

Screenshot of new features in the Nintendo Switch Online app

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Analysis: simple but effective

The Nintendo Switch Online app has shrunk a bit since its release in 2017. Its features are limited, and many gamers never think to install it. The app's most useful feature so far was its online voice chat, which lets you talk to other Switch gamers in multiplayer games.

However, it is not revolutionary. Voice chat, online status selection, and in-game chat are provided on PS5 and Xbox Series X without the need to download an additional app. But the ability to copy your gamer code with just one click, instead of laboriously typing in the 12 digits every time you want to add someone to your friends list, will finally give many gamers a reason to download the Switch app.

Hopefully Nintendo continues to expand its features. One day it could be a true companion app for the console, rather than a forgotten addon.

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