Amazon Studios has announced eight more cast members for season 2 of The Rings of Power.

In a press release, Amazon revealed the latest batch of actors that have signed on to appear in recurring roles on its high-fantasy series. The octet joins seven other actors who recently signed deals to star in The Rings of Power season 2, including Sam Hazeldine, who will replace Joseph Mawle as Adar in the show's next installment.

Dark Materials season 3 alumnus Will Keen, Bridgerton's Calum Lynch and Game of Thrones' Kevin Eldon are among the show's new cast members. Amazon hasn't revealed which characters these actors will play, but that won't stop the Lord of the Rings fanbase around the world from trying to figure out who they might play.

Here's a full list of all eight actors who have joined The Rings of Power for its second season:

  • William Chubb (The Sandman, Gun)(*2*)
  • Kevin Eldon (Game of Thrones, Shadow and Bone)(*2*)
  • Will Keen (La materia oscura, The Crown)(*2*)
  • Selina Lo (Hellraiser, boss level)(*2*)
  • Calum Lynch (Bridgerton y Derry Girls)(*2*)
  • Stuart Bowman (Versalles, Alex Rider)(*2*)
  • Gavi Singh Chera (The Lazarus Project, The Undeclared War)(*2*)
  • Oliver Alvin-Wilson (Lovesick, The Bay)(*2*)

Rings of Power Season 2 went into full production in mid-October. However, one of Prime Video's best shows did not return to New Zealand to film its second season. Instead, Amazon's Lord of the Rings development was moved to the UK, with Bray Film Studios and Bovingdon Airfield being used as primary filming locations. The main photographie pourrait également s'étendre à d'autres parties du Royaume-Uni, ainsi qu'à l'Europe, les showrunners JD Payne et Patrick McKay l'ayant declaré lors d'une avant-première à laquelle LaComparacion a assisté fin september.

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The second season of the Prime Video series does not yet have a release date, but it is unlikely that it will return to our screens until mid-2024 at the earliest. This is based on the amount of filming required to complete its likely eight-episode run, as well as how long the show's post-production phase will last once principal photography is complete.

Meanwhile, a Rings of Power documentary series is available to stream on Prime Video now, detailing the deep development behind Amazon's pricey Lord of the Rings prequel TV series. All eight episodes of The Rings of Power season 1, which have been watched by more than 100 million people worldwide since its release on September 2, are also available on Amazon's streaming platform.

TechRadar will be on hand to bring you even more The Rings of Power Season 2 content as it launches. While you wait for the next big news to hit, read our explained article on the Rings of Power season 1 finale (if you're all caught up in the show). Otherwise, find out why The Stranger's big reveal was delayed until the last moment, or find out when this Sauron actor found out he was playing the show's main villain.

Rings of Power Season 1 is available to stream in its entirety on Prime Video now.

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