To surprise! Very, very soon a new docuseries on the development of The Rings of Power will be released on Prime Video.

Available on Amazon's streaming service today (November 21), The Making of The Rings of Power invites you to return to Middle-earth for a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes look at how the hit high-fantasy series came to be. lifetime. The docu-series will arrive this weekend (November 25-27), just in time for Black Friday 2022 sales.

To coincide with the upcoming release of the Prime Video documentary, a trailer has also been uploaded showing what The Lord of the Rings can expect from the special looks series.

Check out the trailer for The Making of The Rings of Power below:

In a press release, Amazon provided more details about what fans will see when they watch The Making of The Rings of Power.

The docuseries will take audiences through the making of the series' multiple areas, including key locations Númenor and Khazad-dûm, behind-the-scenes footage of the series being filmed, and exclusive interviews with the cast, creators, and director. cast. team members

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Other aspects of the docuseries will explore how certain scenes developed from the concept art stage to their real-life counterparts, the crafting of weapons, clothing and scenery, and the series' physically demanding action sequences.

Each of the show's eight episodes has a corresponding entry, which means fans can take a deep dive into one — or all — of The Rings of Power season 1 entries.

Those who want to stream The Making of The Rings of Power can do so on their televisions, devices or streaming devices, Prime Video-based web browsers, and mobile devices. Additionally, the documentary can be released at any time while fans are streaming the show, making it easy to immerse viewers in all aspects of the prequel project. Here's a quick rundown of how to access the docuseries on your device of choice:

  • Mobile device or web browser on Prime Video – move the cursor, touch the screen and/or pause the program to reveal the on-screen X-ray controls. Use them to start watching the behind-the-scenes input of each episode. To view the documentary series in full screen mode, tap “X-Ray View All” at the top left of the screen.
  • Televisions or transmission devices – Go to The Rings of Power Prime Video page. Scroll down to the Bonus Content section of the show's main page to stream the installment of each episode.

Sauron watches over Mordor and Mount Doom from a mountaintop in The Rings of Might episode 8.

Will The Rings of Power documentary discuss the biggest surprises from the Season 1 finale? (Image credit: Prime Video)

Rings of Power season 1 was a huge success for Amazon, with the eight-episode series watched by 100 million Prime Video subscribers worldwide, 25 million of whom tuned in for just the show's two-episode premiere, which makes it the largest Prime Video. all time premiere. Collectively, viewers streamed The Rings of Power for over 24 billion minutes (417 million hours), breaking all sorts of records on Amazon's streamer and making it one of the best Prime Video shows of all time. .

For many viewers, including us, the success of The Rings of Power will not come as a surprise. In our review of The Rings of Power premiere, we called it "prestige TV's new jewel in the Prime Video crown," adding "it's epic fantasy at its finest; a series that simultaneously honors the legendary works of JRR Tolkien and tells a compelling story." original story.

Rings of Power season 2 was greenlit by Amazon Studios in August 2021, with production beginning in October 2022. Unlike season 1 and Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies, the second season of the prequel series will only not be touring in New Zealand. Instead, principal photography will take place primarily in the UK, with some secondary filming possible in Europe.

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Rings of Power Season 1 is now available to stream in its entirety on Prime Video.

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