In the UK alone, XNUMX burglaries were reported last year, and that's a huge drop from previous years as the pandemic kept people at home.

However, quite a few people choose to ignore home security solutions altogether or instead use DIY systems that are less complex and more prone to failure than professional-grade products.

While these systems are indeed better than nothing, few can offer a truly holistic and well-protected solution.

Enter Ajax, the Apple of the security industry. Like Apple, Ajax has made a name for itself by focusing on a very elegant design, a no-fuss user experience, and of course, great proprietary technologies.

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Unlike DIY security systems, Ajax is a professional-grade security solution and strives to offer all-in-one protection.

Ajax offers over fifty wired and wireless devices that can serve a variety of purposes to help you sleep better at night and make your home safer, and not just with their motion sensors. Ajax covers virtually every aspect of home, office, shop, or even production security, providing ultimate peace of mind, whether it's theft, fire, or flood detection.

Plus, its Tier XNUMX accreditation and PD XNUMX compliance allow it to connect to central monitoring stations, meaning UK police can respond to alarm notifications.

With smart, pet-friendly motion detectors that don't react to animals under XNUMXcm and XNUMXkg, Ajax can inspect any and all activity inside and outside your home. You can also manage photo verification of alarms to help users and security companies make informed resolutions about potential risks. In fact, you can even integrate third-party brand video cameras for HD video surveillance.

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While its line of wired devices, Fibra, also features a fabulous selection of security solutions, Ajax is best known for its wireless line, Jeweler.

Jeweler uses the radio protocol of the same name of Ajax Systems for a bidirectional communication couvrant jusqu'à two thousand m, et avec une autonomy moyenne de five to seven ans, il n'y a pas grand-chose à craindre du passage a la wireless security.

The system can also mitigate security issues with its encrypted data transmission, which cannot be forged due to device authentication. If a bad guy tries to interfere with the system, the Ajax hub will switch to a free radio frequency and communicate with the user and the security company.

The hubs come with fifteen to sixteen hours of backup battery life, along with a variety of communication channel options, so interruptions are no problem either.

Ajax Grade Two certification and compliance with the EN XNUMX security standard further prove this attention to detail, as these merits can only be awarded to systems that can withstand experienced attackers with specialized equipment.

It should be noted that, due to its sophistication and difficulty, Ajax advises professional installation to each and every user to ensure impeccable service.

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On their own, these security solutions are great, but combined with smart home capabilities, they become fabulous.

That's right, Ajax also offers smart family features and devices, letting you monitor power, lighting, and even certain appliances. Using Ajax scenarios, users can automate certain activities in the home, whether in response to an alarm activation, an alarm mode change, or in accordance with a schedule. Also, for example, you can programmer the system to automatically do the eau to avoid flooding, or to do the potential cause of inflammation in case of fire alarm, or to set up a program to simulate the domestic activity pendant the holidays.

Ajax can be fully monitored with a single mobile app.

Wherever you are on the planet, whatever your home security concerns - one app.

There are things in life that are worth cutting back on, but home security is not one of them. Find out where to get your new Ajax smart home security system.

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