The PS5's long list of awesome features just got a little longer, thanks to the addition of automatic Low Latency mode support.

Sony quietly announced the new PS5 feature on the official PlayStation support page (opens in a new tab). The announcement details exactly what the latest system update brings, with Auto Low Latency (or ALLM) support definitely in the spotlight.

The update is now available and will download the next time you turn on your PS5. However, keep in mind that the update will take up approximately 1GB of storage space on your console's SSD.

To use ALLM on PS5, you'll need a TV that supports the feature and an HDMI 2.1 cable. Then go to your PS5 Settings menu, followed by screen and video, Video outputand finally ALL.

If you set the ALLM setting to Auto, your TV will automatically switch to auto low latency mode when you load a game.

Why is ALLM so important?

Low latency auto mode is potentially revolutionary for PS5 gamers. It's compatible with many of the best 4K TVs you can buy, and you can significantly reduce input lag by disabling any display enhancement settings you may have on your TV.

This is a great feature for multiplayer games, in particular, where every fraction of a second counts. But it's a wonderful thing for any type of game that relies on fluid and responsive controls.

Sony released PS5 updates this year. A few months ago, the tech giant finally rolled out support for variable refresh rate (or VRR). This allows the PS5 to maintain a smooth frame rate while upping the resolution, resulting in a sharper picture and more responsive gameplay.

Both ALLM and VRR have been available on Xbox Series X|S consoles since launch, but sadly PS5 gamers have been left in the dark for quite some time. Fortunately, both features are now available on Sony's flagship console, provided you have a TV that supports them.

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