Nvidia's RTX 4090 Founders Edition has become the latest Lovelace flagship to fall victim to a melted adapter cable, at least as reported by one user on Reddit.

Previously, we've only seen reports of this on third-party RTX 4090 graphics cards, meaning those made by Nvidia's partners, as opposed to Nvidia's own Founders Edition, which hasn't previously had a documented meltdown incident. cables.

Unfortunately, that is no longer true, according to the report on Reddit (opens in a new tab) that Tom's Hardware (opens in a new tab) was detected. The RTX 4090 buyer used the graphics card in a case with the side panel removed for more breathing room, and made sure the connection between the PSU and GPU was solid and properly seated, noting that: “I made sure it clicked into place and also made sure the 3 wires weren't pulling on the adapter.

Stress on the adapter is believed to be one of the possible causes of the RTX 4090 cable melting issue, so apparently that was not a factor in this case.

The Reddit user observed: “Mostly I played Warzone for the next 7 days, on and off, maybe 2-3 hours at a time. 29/10/22, My screen went black after about an hour of playing. I tried restarting the PC several times and still couldn't get a picture. I checked the GPU and adapter and that's where I saw it.

“I immediately contacted Nvidia, sent them my card and adapter and within 3 days I received a replacement 4090. I will not use the new card until Nvidia makes a statement to este tema.”

Analysis: 26 and counting…

We're still waiting for that statement, of course, and the results of Nvidia's investigation into what exactly is going on here. In the meantime, it's concerning to see one of Nvidia's own cards apparently falling victim to this controversy, when it wasn't before.

In total, there are now 26 reports on Reddit of these RTX 4090 cable meltdown incidents, which are starting to get uncomfortably high. It certainly seems like it's time for Nvidia to put on its skids and get to the bottom of what is the gremlin in the making here, once and for all.

You may have noticed that the previous RTX 4090 user only connected 3 8-pin PCIe power cables, instead of the usual 4. They did this out of an abundance of caution, noting that this is enough to power the graphics card, but keeps power consumption to a lower theoretical maximum (450W) than if four cables were plugged in. Unfortunately, this obviously didn't seem to help avoid the cable meltdown issue (and there are several other records of 3 x 8-pin setups that experienced the meltdown issue as well).

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