We haven't seen a new Motorcycle flip phone since the XNUMX Motorola Razr, and while we expect a new Razr in XNUMX, we don't know for sure if it's coming. Meanwhile, a new patent from the company shows us a foldable that we truly hope isn't the next Razr.

Motorola was given a patent for a new kind of foldable cover, as MySmartPrice warned, that shows a huge main screen that sits on the outside of the phone, not inside, when it's folded.

The rest of the patent specifies the folding hinge and also shows a huge protrusion that presumably covers the rear cameras.

motorola patent

(Image credit: Motorola)

It's a futuristic-looking device, even compared to other foldable phones we've seen on the market, but it's probably because it's a draft patent.

Patents don't show that a phone hits the market, just that a company is considering a certain design or feature, so let's wait and see if that device ever sees the light of day. With that being said, we hope not...

Analysis: a dangerous design

Flip phones are puny at best: with their flexible screen and moving components, they're usually a drop or two away from a dangerous knock.

This is doubly the case when the screen, the only thing you really don't want scratched or otherwise marred, is on the outside. The entire model is wrapped in its weakest part.

We've seen this on phones before, with the Huawei Mate Xs, and it was scary to use, too: you still worry that simply slipping the thing into your pocket or putting it on a surface might leave the screen scratched. and brands

Therefore, we hope that Motorola does not decide to adopt the design presented in this patent, since we are satisfied with the appearance of the Razrs so far.

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