Black Friday deals are pouring in as the day approaches, which actually comes on November 25. With the biggest sales event of the year upon us, though, we suspect you're scouring the web for all sorts of must-have Black Friday deals.

Interestingly, some of the best streaming services in the world are also launching this year. So far, we've seen a fantastic 80% off HBO Max Black Friday sale and a seemingly unbeatable Hulu Black Friday deal. Now it's Paramount Plus' turn to tempt you with a rather intriguing discount.

From now until Monday, November 28 (aka Cyber ​​​​Monday), US and UK customers can purchase a 12-month Paramount Plus Membership at 50% off your regular rate . For those in the US, that means an annual subscription, which typically costs €49.99 and €99.99 for the ad-free and ad-free tiers, currently priced at €24.95 and €49.95 respectively at (opens in a new tab). You will need to use the code "ALLYEAR" at checkout to get the discount.

In the UK, potential subscribers can sign up for a discounted price of €34,95, down from the normal price of €69,90, using the link above. UK customers must select the 50% off annual plan to take full advantage of this offer.

Both new and existing customers can take advantage of this offer on both sides of the Atlantic. However, the 50% discount offer is not available on the Paramount Plus monthly plan, so be sure to select the annual subscription before paying.

Now you may be wondering why subscribing to Paramount Plus is worth the effort. After all, you can't afford to have a subscription for every streaming platform. And, with Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Prime Video offering more content for their prices, Paramount Plus is probably at the bottom of your list of options when it comes to signing up.

Well, what if we told you that there are a number of brilliant TV shows and movies available to watch on Paramount's main streamer? Let's say, like one of the biggest blockbusters of 2022 and many award-winning TV series? Graphic? Let us elaborate.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick will be one of many quality Paramount Plus offerings later this year. (Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

For starters, Paramount Plus will be the best place to stream Top Gun: Maverick, which we gave five out of five stars in our review. The blockbuster, which has grossed nearly $1500 billion worldwide, hits the Paramount broadcast on Thursday, December 22; Read our Top Gun: Maverick streaming guide for all the details, including whether it's available to watch elsewhere. However, you'll need to pay video-on-demand (VOD) rental fees to stream it through Amazon, Apple TV and Co. Why would you do that when soon you'll be able to watch it for free on Paramount Plus?

There are other movies, which we consider to be the best Paramount Plus movies of all time, on the streamer as well. From family movies like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and horror classics like Scream, to Mission Impossible movies and even Grease, there are plenty of the best movies to watch on the service.

And that's before we get into the stellar lineup of TV series Paramount Plus has to offer. Mega-hits like the neo-Western drama Yellowstone and the Lost Yellowjackets-style thriller are absolutely worth watching, and you can stream all seasons, including Yellowstone Season 5, which began airing November 13, as soon as you register.

Two cowboys sitting on their horses in Yellowstone season 5 episode 3

Yellowstone is a titan of a TV show, which you can stream exclusively on Paramount Plus. (Image credit: Paramount)

This duo aren't the only entries on our list of the best Paramount Plus shows, either. There are plenty of Star Trek movies and shows to stream, Sylvester Stallone with Tulsa King, the divisive Halo TV adaptation, and '90s fan favorites including Frasier and Twin Peaks. You will truly be amazed at the amount of quality content available on Paramount Plus.

Finally, Paramount Plus is available on every device you can think of. From Roku streaming devices and Chromecast devices to AndroidTV and FireTV, you'll be able to download the app and watch anything in minutes. So there's no excuse not to try Paramount's streaming service.

Speaking of giving it a try, if you're not sure if this is right for you, you can sign up for a free seven-day trial of Paramount Plus. Stream a show or two, or catch up on some great movies you missed at the theater. If you're happy with what's on offer, and trust us you will be, you can always sign up for an annual subscription at half price before the end of Cyber ​​​​Monday. It's a win-win in our book.

Netflix and other big streamers may dominate the landscape right now, but Paramount Plus is worth considering if you're disappointed with its more well-known competitors. At 50% off, you'll definitely get what you pay for with the amount of great content on offer, so don't delay – get Paramount Plus at an incredible discount today.

For more Paramount Plus content, find out how much it costs in regions outside the US and UK. Otherwise, check out the best Black Friday TV deals if you're looking for a new screen to watch your favorite shows and movies.

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