Fujifilm's Instax printers have long been a popular way to turn your phone snaps into analog prints, and the new Instax Mini Link 2 aims to up the fun with new tricks.

Like the original Instax Mini Link, the new printer connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and once you choose a plugin in the companion app, it will print a small physical version in about 15 seconds. From there, just wait about 90 seconds for the credit card-sized plugin to expand,

But with the Link 2, Fujifilm has tried to bring innovation to the table with some new features, which seem intriguing if a bit whimsical. The main one is instaxAir, which is a bit like light painting: you point the printer's LED at your phone and shake it to draw shapes in the air. These shapes will then be overlaid onto your digital snapshot, which can then be printed.

Perhaps more useful are the app's customization features, which let you design photo frames and stickers, while choosing filters to enhance the look of your photos. There's a "rich mode" for deep, contrasting colors and a "natural mode" for a more standard look.

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

By contrast, the Instax Mini Link 2, which comes in pink, white, or dark blue, hasn't been as innovative in other areas. The printer is still powered via a microUSB port, and if you want to print directly from a Fujifilm camera, that's only possible on the Fujifilm X-S10. Hopefully, Fujifilm will bring this handy feature to more of its Bluetooth-equipped cameras in the future.

You can pre-order the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 now for €99 / €115 / €179 ahead of availability from June 22, though that won't include any Instax Mini film. And the small size of this film (measuring 54mm x 86mm) is possibly the main weakness of the Mini Link 2, given the recent arrival of the Instax Link Wide, which prints photos twice as large.

Review: The bigger the better for Instax

A Fujifilm Instax Mini photo next to an Instax Wide photo

An Instax Mini print (left) versus an Instax Wide (right) (Image credit: Fujifilm)

As you can see above, the Instax Wide prints are twice as large as the Instax Mini created by the Instax Mini Link 2, and that's probably a good reason to opt for Fujifilm's new Instax Wide printer, just for this news.

Seguimos siendo great admirers of cameras like the Instax Mini 11, which encabezó nuestra guide de las best instantaneous cameras. But the long-awaited arrival of a printer that supports Fuji's larger Instax format makes it more difficult to return to the Mini format, especially given the quality of the shots you'll print from your phone or a camera.

The Mini format is clearly designed for a younger audience, as some of the new photo customization features on the Mini Link 2 show. But an Instax Wide film pack isn't much more expensive than an Instax Mini, for example, either. The 20 Instax Mini bundle costs $14 / £14.99 / AU$34, compared to the $22 / £16.99 / AU$39 you'll pay for the Instax Wide.

Granted, the 'Wide' format doesn't offer the variety of film styles you get with the Mini, but if that's not important to you, we think the Instax Wide printer is shaping up to be a better option than its new, albeit lovely sibling. minilink 2.

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