From June 3-5, the DreamHack gaming expo was held in Dallas, Texas and hosted the Intel Extreme Masters, Intel's esports league. After all the cosplay competitions, esports matchups, and merchandise stores, Intel had a booth dedicated to its new Arc GPUs, and brought our first real-life sighting of the Arc Alchemist external GPU.

Although the physical design of the graphics card was revealed in a sneak peek from Intel, this is the first time the GPU has been physically shown. We're not sure which model it is, though our best guess is the Arc 7770 model. It's a dual-fan card powered by an 8-pin and 6-pin PCIe connector, and presumably offers DisplayPort and HDMI video outputs.

The card was spotted by Twitter user @theBryceIsRt, an advocate for the Intel Arc community, who posted photos of the new GPU (along with Intel's brooding CPU mascot Chippy).

Intel @ @IEM Look what made an appearance! 👀Come to the ARC booth and see it in action June 3, 2022

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Intel first announced plans to enter the GPU market years ago, but the pandemic and global chip shortages have hampered those plans. The manufacturer is currently pushing its Arc GPUs for use by OEMs in new laptops, so discrete GPUs for desktop PCs likely won't be available to consumers anytime soon.

Still, it's good to see that these graphics cards aren't just a myth. The desktop version of the Arc 7770 is expected to compete in the field of current mid-range GPUs, competing with cards like the RTX 3070 and RX 6700 XT. These maps do not yet have a set release date, but are currently expected to release in late 2022.

Analysis: How will Intel Arc GPUs affect the market?

While Intel still has the largest share of the consumer processor market, AMD has consistently won, with Intel losing more than 10% of the market to Team Red over the last three years. Intel's integrated GPU technology (found in many productivity laptops and Chromebooks) remains strong, but the discrete GPU market has long been the domain of AMD and Nvidia.

Although Nvidia still has a much larger share of the consumer graphics card market than AMD, it looks like Intel could also be targeting its CPU competitor in the GPU stakes. The introduction of a third party into the GPU market will be a huge game changer as Arc has the potential to further dilute the market which could prove more of a problem for AMD than Nvidia, a boon for Intel no doubt .

Arc GPUs have been floating around in laptops for a few months now, though so far it's only been low-end Arc A3-series cards. The most impressive features of the Arc lineup (such as XeSS and Deep Link) aren't shown to their full potential on these thin and light GPUs, but we expect it to learn an Arc-powered A7770M gaming laptop soon. more on the capabilities of the high-end GPU.

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