To help businesses celebrate the diversity of their owners, Google Maps is getting a new attribute belonging to the LGBTQ+ community that will appear in the About tab.

This entirely optional attribute that businesses can assign to each other comes just before the end of Pride month so customers and owners can better find queer-friendly local spots and celebrate the diversity of their neighborhood.

Currently, anyone in the US with a Google verified business profile can add this new attribute in a few simple steps:

  • Go to your company profile (opens in a new tab) and click Edit Profile
  • Under Business Information, look for the More tab at the top of the page
  • Once here, select the category you want to edit and set the attribute to Yes or No
  • If everything is set up correctly, tap Save and your Google business profile will be updated

A business using the new LGBTQ+ owned label on Google Maps (Image credit: Google)

The new attribute should help make LGBTQ+-owned businesses more visible to people unfamiliar with the area. This will allow customers to better find and support these venues and give owners a new forum to promote their business as a safe space for members of the queer community.

The new LGBTQ+ owned label joins the business of Black, Latino, Veteran and Women-owned options already available through Google Maps.

Companies can use multiple attributes at once to celebrate their diverse ownership

However, it will be difficult to search the tabs for all the nearby businesses, so luckily there is an easier option. To find a lieu dans votre région que est étiqueté avec l'un de ces atributs, vous pouvez taper appartenant à LGBTQ + (or l'un des autres) dans la barre de recherche Google Maps et les companies que decrivent comme cela ser mis in evidence.

As with many of its new features, this new LGBTQ+ tag option on Google Maps is currently only available to businesses in the United States. We expect it to roll out to other territories in the not-too-distant future, but we've reached out to a Google representative to confirm.

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