New Galaxy S23 Ultra leak compares quality

(*7*)There's a new Samsung Galaxy S23 leak to report – and this time an image purportedly taken on the S23 Ultra was compared to similar snapshots taken on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

(*7*)This comes from well-known tipster Ice Universe (Opens in a new tab) (via Notebookcheck (Opens in a new tab)), who originally posted a series of three blown-up photos of pumpkins without naming the phones affected, asking for votes to find out. Which of the photos was the best?

(*7*)The Galaxy S23 Ultra won the vote, beating this year's Ultra edition and Google's latest flagship, but you can decide for yourself which you prefer. The photo apparently taken by a Galaxy S23 Ultra phone certainly looks more detailed and vibrant.

Camera Specifications

(*7*)We've already seen another photo from the same leaker believed to be of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, so it looks like Ice Universe was able to get hold of a unit early - the phone isn't expected to launch. until February 2023.

(*7*)This means that Samsung still has plenty of time to tweak the photo optimization algorithms on the S23 phones to ensure photos and videos are the best they can be (in fact, this usually continues after a bug is released). telephone).

(*7*)We expect the Galaxy S23 Ultra edition to come with a triple-lens rear camera that isn't too dissimilar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, though low-light photography capabilities are said to be significantly improved.

Analysis: Cameras keep getting better

(*7*)The best phones of 2022, including the iPhone 14 Pro and Google Pixel 7 Pro, can take fantastic photos, images of a quality you'd hardly believe when cameras were first placed on the back of smartphones .

(*7*)However, these cameras keep getting better, and that's thanks to improvements in two areas: hardware (the actual sensors inside phones) and software (how the phone interprets and processes the information it receives).

(*7*)Google is perhaps best known for how its algorithms can create brilliant snaps even with less-than-high-end camera sensors, but other phone makers are also busy improving their code base, including Samsung.

(*7*)That's why we'll have to reserve judgment on the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera until we can test it: camera specs alone won't tell us the whole story, though the main sensor sees a significant bump up to the 100MP mark.

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