Today, people live in a connected world, where powering smartphones, computers, and other electrical technologies is mandatory wherever they are having fun camping, relaxing at home, or earning wages at work. This is especially true during power outages – when the local power grid is down, people need access to their own reliable sources of power more than ever.

EcoFlow's new DELTA mini portable power station is designed to meet all of these needs in a compact, portable package. Due to launch on September 5, 2021 as the HSN Daily Special on HSN TV and (opens in a new tab) at the special discounted price of €799, then €999 on, the new DELTA mini is the affordable, portable power supply for self-sufficient people smart enough to take control of their power needs.

Powerful specs

Un hombre enchufa un enchufe eléctrico en una de las muchas tomas de corriente del DELTA mini.

(Image credit: EcoFlow)

About the size of a small beverage cooler, the EcoFlow DELTA mini can store 882 Wh (watt hours) of electricity in its built-in lithium battery. Additionally, DELTA mini's patented X-Stream technology allows this portable battery to charge up to 80% in one hour and up to 100% in 1,6 hours (at 900W input).

An outdoor EcoFlow DELTA mini portable battery connected to your solar charging panel.

(Image credit: EcoFlow)

In situations where there is no standard power source to recharge the DELTA mini, solar panels can be used to recharge it where the sun shines.

When connected to three 110W solar panels in direct sunlight, the DELTA mini can be fully charged in 3,3 to 6,6 hours.

Powerful Possibilities

The EcoFlow DELTA mini can provide reliable electricity for people who need backup power at home or at work, or main power for campers, farmers, first responders, ranchers, and anyone else who works far from the power grid.

When solar panels are connected, the DELTA mini can even provide reliable power to people in remote areas where local power supply is unreliable or non-existent.

So what does this mean in real life? Well, the DELTA mini has enough power to run a speaker for 30 hours, a car fridge for 12 hours, a coffee maker for 0,7 hours, an electric kettle for 0,5 hours, plus charge a drone 12 times and a digital camera 38 times. .

It also has enough power (1400W) to power 90% of all home appliances (for example, coffee maker, dishwasher, hair dryer, microwave, vacuum cleaner, etc.), and can even power a 1800W appliance thanks to the X- EcoFlow's patented Boost. technology.

Affordable backup power for everyone

A woman in camping gear lifts a DELTA mini portable power station and places it in the back of a jeep.

(Image credit: EcoFlow)

Extreme weather conditions are becoming commonplace around the world, causing more power outages and damaged distribution networks than ever before.

That's why having backup power makes so much sense, whether it's for home, work, or both. When you need power, you'll get it.

The EcoFlow DELTA mini fulfills this role efficiently and affordably. It's also light and small enough to take on the road and keep all your devices charged and running, even in the middle of nowhere.

To learn more about the complete line of DELTA mini and EcoFlow energy storage units, enough to run an entire house and more, go here.

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