Troubadours and amateur divas rejoice! Streaming music service Spotify has started rolling out a new karaoke mode for singing along to your favorite songs, though it hasn't yet appeared for all users.

Launch the feature when listening to a song on a mobile device and you'll receive the lyrics of the track, with the app using your device's built-in microphone to monitor your voice.

For those looking to see how good their pitch is, the new mode also grades their singing, awarding them a score out of 100 for their accuracy.

The new feature builds on the service's recent addition of its lyrics mode, which allows listeners to see the words of the song in real time as the tune plays, as well as share them with friends.

The new karaoke option is the latest in a series of new features the service has revealed in recent weeks, with Spotify currently rolling out a 'Community' tab for mobile users, and the company also announcing plans to introduce audiobooks to the platform. in the next few weeks. month.

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How to find the new Spotify karaoke feature

The good news is that you don't need to be a Spotify premium subscriber to use the new karaoke feature, as the new karaoke mode appears to be available even to users of the streaming service's free tier.

You'll need to update the app to the latest version released yesterday for Android and iOS to use the new feature, though it looks like it's not enabled for everyone yet. TechRadar's team hasn't had the opportunity to light up the office with our soft tones yet. At least not with the help of Spotify.

To find it, play a song of your choice, then select the lyrics option at the bottom of the screen. Once the lyrics to the song are displayed, you'll be able to select "sing" in the top right corner of the screen, hopefully.

When pressed, an audio analyzer screen appears in the middle of the screen, letting you know that your singing is being monitored.

While the new feature appears to be available to users in every corner of the world, it really does seem like a windfall if you can access it right now – some Spotify users in the US and UK have said they can sing with the function. , while others from the same regions cannot.

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