What is the best Xbox Wireless Headset EQ setting? In all honesty, what looks good on you is entirely subjective and will differ from person to person. However, it never hurts to try another user's equalizer settings to see if it works.

Although we were truly impressed with Xbox Wireless Headset sound quality and incredible value, the standard “Game” profile is overly bass-heavy and tends to wash out the highs and mids that are vital in so many competitions. multiplayer games.

However, that is not to say that we want to cut out the bass altogether. The Xbox Wireless Headphones do an incredible job of answering those rocking eardrum bursts that make gaming audio so fun to try when you have the right pair of cans.

We also want to choose an equalizer of Xbox Wireless Headset that takes full advantage of spatial audio on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which helps add verticality to games that support it, and generally gives the impression that the sound surrounds you.

Although we personally opted for DTS Headphone: X in the 'balanced' setting, we think that DTS Headphone: X gives a clearer and more tangible surround sound effect, the EQ setting is now going to work well for Dolby Atmos as well. And Windows Sonic. It is essential to note that DTS Headphone: X requires a one-time license fee, plus you get 6 months of Dolby Atmos at no cost with Xbox Wireless Headphones, and Windows Sonic is also free as standard for Xbox and computer users.

Again, we must emphasize that this EQ setting may not be the ideal choice for your ears, but nevertheless, it should be a great starting point to assist you in composing a sound that is suitable for you. We are also going to explain to you how the equalizer works so that you can adjust it properly.

Go to the Xbox Accessories app

To adjust the equalizer on your Xbox Wireless Headset, you must open the Xbox Accessories app, highlight the image of the Xbox Wireless Headset (which will appear when it is turned on and connected), and choose 'Set up'. There's a selection of native EQ settings to choose from, including Game, Heavy Bass, Movie, Music and Voice, but we wanted to customize our own.

Be careful when switching between presets after you have adapted your EQ, as the Xbox Accessories app will not save your adapted profile if you move it back to one of the presets.

Best Xbox Wireless Headphone Equalizer

Based on Music EQ, which is the best sound for our ears, we will want to significantly reduce the lower frequencies and compensate for the mids and highs. Check out the image now to see our composite factors.

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Best Xbox Wireless Headphone EQ Settings - Dial The Perfect Sound 1


If you're wondering what the different sliders mean, here's a quick breakdown in the simplest terms possible.

The one hundred and twenty five Hz slider can best be described as your bass setting. Adjusting this face up and face down is going to make a big difference in the bass impact of your Xbox Wireless Headphones, which can literally rattle your eardrums if you turn them all the way up. While it is very satisfying to have some truly powerful bass, it can dominate the rest of the other essential sounds, thus opting for 4 clicks from the bottom.

The 250 Hz slider confuses the sound, but can prevent it from feeling empty or shallow. This is an area where Xbox wireless headsets have a bit of complexity, whereas if 3Hz is too high, it really does have a negative impact on audio quality. We found that going XNUMX clicks from the bottom was the ideal solution.

The 1 kHz slider manages the mid-range sounds. We chose to reduce those 2 clicks from the default value of 0, because again, the Xbox Wireless Headphones are eminently tuned for low frequencies, so it is better to reduce that slightly.

For the higher frequencies, four kHz and eight kHz, these handle the higher harmonics and add brilliance to the audio. We spent a good time adjusting these 2 sliders particularly to try and assist the treble through more, but we found that it often ended up being too loud for our ears. We ended up leaving the 4kHZ setting at the default value of 0 and hitting the 8kHZ setting with 2 clicks.

The Xbox Accessories app also offers a Bass Boost alternative, which may seem unnecessary considering the amount of bass these cans can muster. Nonetheless, we found that a 2+ bass boost did help to give the sound a bit more warmth without drowning out everything else as a result.

Perfect for any gender

We think this is the best Xbox Wireless Headphone EQ setting for all genres of games. If you're playing competitive titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, where hearing every step counts, we invite you to raise the higher frequency sliders a little higher and suppress the bass boost altogether. But with this equalizer, we felt our favorite Xbox Series X games sounded rich, lively, and detailed.

It's worth noting that if you choose Dolby Atmos, it will stack the EQ of your choice on top of the custom EQ in the Xbox Accessories app, so be sure to choose a flat EQ in the Dolby Atmos app or make other adjustments as you see fit. . the sound will change.

A great way to adjust your EQ settings, and more importantly hear how the sliders shape the sound, is to open Spotify (if you have a subscription) and the Xbox Accessories app at the same time. Then you can make changes on the fly by browsing through the songs in the Xbox Guide and adjusting the different sliders.

We hope this Xbox Wireless Headphone EQ works for you and remember if it doesn't sound totally right, it's to be expected. Everyone hears sound differently, but hopefully this will help you find the best Xbox Wireless Headphone EQ that works for you.


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