Steam Deck support continues to improve, and more than half of the games in the top 100 titles on Steam now work well with Valve's gaming laptop.

To be precise, these are the games that are either Steam Deck 'Verified' (tested and found to be fully functional out of the box) or 'Playable', meaning they are more or less there, but may require a bit of tweaking. adjust manual adjustment for best results.

Boiling Steam reviewed the top 100 games on Steam (based on average concurrent player count over the past two weeks) to find that 54 of them fell into the above categories of working well or perfectly with the Steam Deck. In other words, most of these high-impact games are good to go with the portable gaming machine.

To break it down, 28 of the games have reached fully verified status, and that includes Elden Ring, No Man's Sky, Apex Legends, ARK: Survival Evolved, Sekiro, and Valheim, for some top players. . And 26 are playable, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (and Source), Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, GTA V, and Skyrim.

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There's something else to note here, which is that of the remaining 46 games that don't fall into the Verified and Playable categories, a good chunk of it hasn't been tested, while 26 titles are marked as Not Supported, the other 20 have yet to be tested. they have not been tested. they ran through their compatibility beats.

This means that it is quite possible that they are perfectly playable, and in fact some of them probably are. If we assume that almost half of them could be fine with the Steam Deck, then the true percentage of games that play fine with the handheld could rise to two-thirds (and that's surely more than 60%).

When you consider that, and Valve recently announced in a blog post last week that the total number of verified and playable games has passed 2,000, that's pretty good progress. The company noting that: "We will continue to bill through the Steam catalog."

Indeed, if you remember, a month before Valve announced that it had reached 1.000 games, so the company has doubled and added another 1.000 since then.

Of course, Valve's focus is not only on game verification and compatibility, but also on modifying the Steam Deck OS to add useful features over time, such as the recent ability to limit the frame rate of images to 15 fps if necessary. Why is this important? Well, for games like puzzles where there is no chance to limit frame rates to a low level, you get better battery life on the go.

Finally, do you want to know our opinion about the best titles for the Deck? Well, we've rounded up the highlights of the best Steam Deck games that will blow our minds in our experience, with some surprise indie hits alongside the gorgeous graphics of God of War.

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