There isn't much time left until Halo Infinite's cooperative campaign finally arrives, but thanks to a new leak, we have a clear idea of ​​how it works.

With a cooperative beta test of Halo Infinite currently underway for Halo Insiders, a participant known as Foxie117 apparently leaked this video of that initial test. Spotted by a user too rude to name directly on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours (opens in a new tab), Foxie117 posted three videos on YouTube, which weren't widely seen until three weeks later.

This has since been verified as genuine by r/HaloLeaks, and it's not hard to see why. With online co-op play for Halo Infinite's opening mission, open-world exploration, and weapons drills, everything seems to run smoothly. You can find them on Foxie117's YouTube channel (opens in a new tab), but since these videos will most likely be removed later, we've also included some screenshots below.

It's been coming for a long time

Many were disappointed that Halo Infinite didn't launch with a cooperative campaign in December. Since Halo: Combat Evolved, every mainline entry has included it. Meanwhile, there's a lot to do in Halo Infinite's multiplayer, but it's not the same.

It pays to keep expectations in check here. This leak offers a limited look at co-op play, and since this is not the final version, further fine-tuning is likely to be needed before release. Still, if these leaked images are any help, developer 343 Industries will offer exactly what gamers are looking for. I can't wait to dive with a friend.

Previously, the co-op campaign was slated to arrive alongside the big Halo Infinite update that kicked off Season 2, though developer 343 Industries ultimately delayed this feature. Right now, online co-op is targeting an August release, but anyone looking for a two-player local option should wait until November. Although it's later than expected, I guess Halo fans have a lot to look forward to this summer.

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