AMD and Nvidia GPUs could soon see their prices drop

As for Nvidia's RTX 4060, we haven't heard much about this GPU, but now a detailed rumor about the graphics card has surfaced, though we'd treat some of these issues with more skepticism than usual.

As reported by @harukaze5719, a regular contributor to hardware leaks on Twitter, this is said to come from Lenovo's China gaming desktop product planning manager, a certain "Wolstame" who shares information about performance and RTX 4060 release date via Weibo ( opens in a new tab). (Kudos to VideoCardz (opens in a new tab) for spotting this, by the way.)

Wolstame: Lenovo China Head of Gaming Desktop Product Planning 2022, XNUMX

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And if you thought a more affordable Lovelace GPU was within your grasp, then think again, though the lack of graphics card speculation thus far tells its own story in that regard.

According to Wolstame, the RTX 4060 will arrive on '618', which refers to June 18, 2023, the date of a major shopping festival in China.

As for the supposed performance, Wolstame makes it clear that they are just guessing, but we should expect something in the ballpark of the RTX 3070. At the same time, they mention that the 4060 is 20% faster than the RTX 3060, which is not it's the equivalent of a 3070, falls a bit short, so part of the buzz is more of a pain in the ass (in other words, apply a ton of extra seasoning).

Supposedly, power consumption will be lower than the RTX 3060, perhaps as low as 150W.

In terms of price, the RTX 4060 will have the same retail price as the RTX 3060 Ti, the leaker claims, at least that's how we read it (some words and translations leave room for doubt).

If we go by the recommended pricing, the RTX 3060 Ti is listed at €399 in the US for its MSRP (€369 in the UK).

Analysis: Nothing affordable on the horizon for Lovelace, then?

The most interesting part of this rumor is this release date, and presumably June 2023 would be the launch target for not just the Chinese market, but other parts of the world.

Todavía quedan siete meses, por lo que esto será un duro golpe para aquellos que esperaban quizás una RTX 4060 más early que tarde. For now - if this rumor is true - it looks like we're going to be stuck with the high-end RTX 4080 and 4090, then maybe an RTX 4070 Ti (which would be the previously 'unlaunched' RTX 4080 12GB, clear).

En cuanto al precio, no confiamos en que el RTX 4070 Ti tenga un precio razonable, especialmente cuando observa las etiquetas de precios fijadas en los modelos RTX 4080. Por lo tanto, las GPU Lovelace asequibles no parecen estar en absoluto en el horizonte, en resumen – la única esperanza es que obtengamos un RTX 4070 de vainilla en poco tiempo, y eso se presenta en una vena de precio más razonable. Por ahora, sin embargo, Nvidia parece estar siguiendo firmemente una estrategia «en capas» de la que escuchamos hace un tiempo, donde las personas que buscan una tarjeta gráfica más barata simplemente se ven obligadas a comprar un modelo RTX 3000 (ya que todavía hay un exceso de existencias con estos) .

In fact, that's what Wolstame suggests: the leaker seems pretty down on the prospects for the RTX 4060, so instead of waiting a long time for the GPU to show up, Wolstame advises buying an Ampere model (RTX 3080, in reality, although the RTX 3070 is supposed to be the performance equivalent of the RTX 4060).

Speaking of this supposed performance, it's framed in terms of an outright guess, and it's presented in a confusing way, as Wolstame seems to be making two different guesses, in fact, so overall we think it's probably too early. conclusion about the power of the RTX 4060.

Dicho esto, vale la pena señalar que el RTX 4060 obtendrá DLSS 3, por lo que para algunos juegos esto realmente aumentará sus niveles de rendimiento en comparación con los modelos RTX 3000. (Tal vez Wolstame también esté hablando de rendimiento pixelado, aunque eso no está claro, así que las ganancias de trazado de rayos también podrían ser más sustanciales para el RTX 4060).

Por ahora, tratemos este rumor con la precaución que realmente merece, pero no podemos decir que nos sorprenda escuchar que el RTX 4060 aún podría estar muy lejos, aunque es cierto que no pensamos. no tan lejos como el próximo junio. El tiempo nos lo dirá.

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