Intel Arc A770 GPU has a new driver and

Intel has released a new graphics driver for its Arc A770 and A750 GPUs, with some useful bug fixes and, most importantly, a bunch of performance improvements for some games, albeit some of the frame rate increases. they are more modest, of course.

As reported by Tom's Hardware(Opens in a new tab), driver version in a new tab), and note that this is still a beta version, offers up to 8% improvement in performance for the flagship A770. This particular enhancement is for Dirt 5 at 1440p resolution with “ultra-high” settings.

Another big boost comes with Ghostwire Tokyo, which can run up to 7% faster, again at 1440p (on 'cinematic' settings). Additionally, Gotham Nights runs up to 5% faster at 1080p resolution at the highest presets.

There are a number of other games that increase the frame rate, but they are all more modest at the 3% level. This includes Chorus (1440p, 'epic' settings), Far Cry 6 (1080p and 1440p 'ultra'), Forza Horizon 5 (1080p 'extreme', 1440p 'high'), Guardians of the Galaxy (1080p 'ultra', 1440p 'high'), and finally Sniper Elite 5 (1080p 'ultra').

The new controller also features support for four new games, namely Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, Dysterra, Marvel's Spiderman: Miles Morales, and Sonic Frontiers.

Intel also applied a number of bug fixes here, including fixing an issue that caused Overwatch 2 to stutter on A770 and A750 graphics cards, and game crashing issues with Battlefield 2042 (which occurred while logging into a match). plus Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (a ray-traced reflection bug that could lead to a hard crash).

Analysis: going in the right direction

Despite the many fixes here, which are obviously welcome, keep in mind that this is still a beta release, so the graphics driver might bring its own baggage, bug-wise.

Obviously, though, it's nice to see Intel working to make progress on not only resolving issues, but also refining performance. Some of the gains up to around 7-8% here are worth it, though the caveat is that they are "on par", and for the lower percentages you won't notice maybe not much (or not) . difference.

Still, we're certainly not going to complain, because if Intel consistently increases frame rates across multiple games with every driver release, we'll eventually get closer to where we want to be with Arc graphics cards: delivering smoother, more stable performance.

Once that starts to be demonstrable, maybe Intel can consider doing a serious value proposition on what's happening now with AMD and Nvidia (who are just releasing expensive high-end graphics cards for the next generation, or at least that much). is all we are doing). seen so far).

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