Nvidia's alleged GTX 1630 graphics card has been rumored again to be delayed, and it's possible that their new RTX 4000 GPUs have also been delayed in terms of a delayed launch.

Early rumors pointed to the GTX 1630 launching in early June, before we knew that the budget GPU would have been delayed until June 15, meaning it should appear early next week, but apparently that's not it anymore. is the case.

VideoCardz (opens in a new tab) spoke to sources who claim that Nvidia has just contacted the third-party graphics card manufacturers that will be producing the GTX 1630 and given them a new embargo (release) schedule, with no specific date provided on the June 15 update. – Team Green simply says that the date is “TBD” (or TBD, as they say).

In short, Nvidia has had a hard time securing certain components, the sources say, and while some cardmakers have already made the first GTX 1630 cards, things are even more stuck now. These graphics card manufacturers are currently waiting for an updated release date, so we assume that the June release is completely off the table now.

VideoCardz is also in contact with the sources to clarify the timing of the release of the GPU RTX 4000 (Lovelace) – well yes, nous ne savons rien avec certitude quand ils sortiront later en 2022 – et la nouvelle est que ces ont été retardés d 'one month.

Previously, VideoCardz set us up to predict the possibility of an August release for the RTX 4090, with the RTX 4080 expected to follow in September and the RTX 4070 in October. Now the theoretical situation is that these respective graphics cards seem to emerge in September, October and November respectively.

Analysis: Lags seem to be firmly entrenched in graphics, then?

As for the RTX 4000 release, we've heard some delays recently, with Wccftech proposing that Nvidia actually target a release even later in the year, with the RTX 4090 in October, then the 4080 and 4070 in November and December respectively. (Oh, and as for the RTX 4060, which is expected to debut in January 2023.)

VideoCardz's latest prediction of a September release for the RTX 4090 splits the difference between their sources' earlier prediction and Wccftech's recent speculation, and it seems correct to us. In fact, that was the most likely timeline offered if you go back in time on the rumors, anyway. In reality, however, each of these possibilities could turn out to be correct, and we should certainly be careful not to give too much weight to any one prediction.

As far as the budget's apparent GPU lag goes, this purported GTX 1630 is certainly a much less hyped affair, although it's somewhat disappointing to hear - punters are still keen to see what Nvidia might have on the table for what it should be. a very affordable graphics card. That said, a lot of questions have already been raised about whether this wallet-friendly GTX card could be a dank squib (although maybe, just maybe, Nvidia is looking to go really cheap with this particular GPU).

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