Pixel Watch leak shows Google taking a leaf out of the Apple Watch book

Pixel Watch leak shows Google taking a leaf out of the Apple Watch book

While the Google Pixel Watch was teased at Google IO, we've only heard a few details about the watch, with more coming from leaks and reports ahead of the wearable's full launch.

For example, we just heard about watch straps. This comes from 9to5Google (opens in a new tab), which has apparently received information about the various straps and bracelets that Google is preparing for the watch.

The company is apparently preparing at least seven different types of watch straps for its next smartwatch, though 9to5Google says not all of them could make it to market. These appear to be variants you can buy later, not the ones in the box.

The web mentions some of the options prepared by Google. These include an Apple Watch Milanese Loop equivalent, which would probably be the most premium option to go on sale (probably at a hefty price tag). There are also silicone, link, stainless steel, and two leather options.

Analysis: different straps are important

Different types of straps are useful for different smartwatch users and situations, so it makes sense that Google is working on a variety of them.

For example, straps made from synthetic materials are often better for working out because they grip well and are often more breathable. Metal or leather bracelets are generally preferred as fashion statements for your appearance, but they are not as useful for working out.

It's also possible that Google is working on different color variations of the previous straps, giving people even more options for reasons of fashion or preference.

Since Samsung and Apple already make a lot of straps for their smartwatches, Google would be left behind if it didn't do the same, so to some extent this news was expected. But it's good to know that the company covers its bases: It gives the Pixel Watch a better chance of making our list of the best smartwatches.