We're used to leaking details about upcoming phones, but lately Google's phones seem to have been leaked in detail long before launch, the latest example being the Pixel Fold.

We've heard a number of Google Pixel Fold rumors over the past few months, but now high-quality renders have surfaced claiming to show the likely design in full.

These were shared by the FrontPageTech (opens in a new tab) YouTube channel, which has a reasonable track record, and while they are not official versions, they were apparently created from images and other information provided by the channel's sources.

In many ways, these renders look a lot like what you'd expect from a foldable pixel. There's a large camera block on the back, similar to the Pixel 7, and a non-folding secondary screen with a hole-punch camera, so when folded this device looks a bit like a larger Pixel 7.

An unofficial rendering of the Google Pixel Fold

(Image credit: FrontPageTech)

Unfold it and you're greeted with a much larger folding screen, but unlike its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the folding screen here doesn't have a hole-punch camera. Instead, there are surprisingly large bezels above and below the screen, one of which houses a selfie camera.

Other details shared here are that the cameras on both displays are apparently 9.5MP, the phone is covered in metal and glass, it supports 5G, and it will only come in black and white shades. .

There's apparently a fingerprint sensor built into the power button and speakers on the top and bottom edges. While the name of this phone is believed to be yet to be confirmed, FrontPageTech sources say that internally it's called the Pixel Fold, and that appears to be the launch name as well.

If you want to buy the Google Pixel Fold, you'll apparently be able to from May, but you might want to start saving as the phone will reportedly cost $1,799 (about $1,520 / AU$2,660). That price isn't too surprising though, as it's the same price on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, at least in the US.

As usual, we'd take all of this with a grain of salt, but prolific backer Jon Prosser, who is the face and voice of FrontPageTech, claims to be "very, very confident in this information."

An unofficial rendering of the Google Pixel Fold

(Image credit: FrontPageTech)

Analysis: One camera shot, but the design needs to be reworked

If this leak is accurate, it's a mix of promising and less-promising information.

On the promising front, are the cameras. It looks like there are three on the back, just like on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Since the camera bar looks big too, it's quite possible that the same selection of sensors and lenses could be used here, and that would be great news. , as the Pixel 7 Pro has some great cameras and it's still great. area where most foldables fall short.

But while the cameras may be solid, the design is less impressive. When the phone is folded, it looks good, if quite chunky, which is not helped by the substantial camera bar. When open, though, it feels a bit cheap, given the large bezels above and below the screen.

On top of that, the sources behind this leak claim that the phone is very heavy. They don't get any more accurate than that, but if it's significantly heavier than rival foldables, that could be a problem.

With Google reportedly pricing its foldable in line with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold lineup, the Pixel Fold will need to make quite an impression to compete, and it's more of a mixed bag right now. Still, if the cameras impress, that could be enough for this device to rank among the best foldable phones.

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